Donald Trump and the Media

2. Donald Trump and the Media

2.1 What is “free media”? Did the mainstream news media (television, newspapers, etc.) give Donald Trump an unusual amount of free media during the primaries? Is he still getting an unusual amount of free media in the general election?

2.2 Do celebrity candidates (people who were famous for something else before they got into politics) have an advantage in running for office? If so, how do they have an advantage? Are there any disadvantages to being a celebrity candidate?

2.3 How has Trump used digital media, particularly Twitter, during his campaign? How has Twitter helped him? How has it hurt him?

2.4 You be the journalist: How do you cover an unconventional candidate like Trump in a way that is fair to him and to his opponents?


This paper will be an analysis based upon your research. Research the four questions as they pertain to your research topic. Divide your paper into six segments:

A. Introduction,

B. Answer to Question 1

C. Answer to Question 2

D. Answer to Question 3

E. Answer to Question 4

F. Conclusion



Find credible sources to research your answers.

You will be graded on the quantity and quality of your sources, and how well you use them in your text. Cite your sources, MLA style, as you use them in the text. Be sure to use full MLA-style citation information in your works cited section. Students who merely provide a list of web addresses will be marked down.


Length: Around 1500 words (plus works cited section).




The depth and quality of your research matters. Citing your textbook or what is said during class really isn’t impressive in a college research paper. Your research should branch out beyond the classroom and the textbook. Dictionaries and encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) have some value as background information, but should not be cited as sources in the text. Be careful about using web sites as sources; many of them are not credible. If you cannot clearly state who is the writer of the material on the web site and what qualifies that person or persons to be an authority on the subject, then you probably do not have a credible source.


There is no “correct” opinion about any of the research topics. Whatever your topic and your opinion on it, make sure that you find credible sources that support your case.Remember: (1) more sources are better than fewer, (2) high-quality sources are better than low-quality sources, and (3) cited sources that clearly enhance your paper are better than sources that make no apparent impact on the text.

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