Are you scared of writing a long and lengthy dissertation? Do you think you will never get your degree, because you are not a good writer and can’t write hundreds of pages? Let us end your fear. 1. Does the thought that you will have to write 10,000 words or more scare you and give you the Goosebumps? 2. Do you plan to give up your Bachelors or Masters degree, because you think it is impossible to write a dissertation with hundreds of pages? Most students get scared, if not all, when they only imagine that soon they will have to write a dissertation. What actually intimidates them is their false perception that their dissertation will contain more than 100 or even 200 pages. In reality, these students dont get scared by the length of their dissertation, but they get scared by their speculation that a normal dissertation contains hundreds of pages or over 20,000 words at least.

Now you may ask, “Ok my assumption might be scaring me now, but what if I am actually asked to write 20,000 words or over 100 pages? What will I do then? Isnt it my right to get scared then? The answer is that even in this situation, you should not feel intimidated at all. We will now discuss some important points to help you realize that 100 or 200 pages are not difficult to write and you can easily complete this task without getting intimidated at all. 1. The first and the most important thing you need to understand is that the length of dissertation differs based on subject and your area of specialization. For example, if you are writing a dissertation to complete your Masters in Psychology then the guidelines will be different as compared to someone whose major is English. 2. Writing a 200-Page dissertation seems impossible only if you choose a subject that you dont like. The rule of thumb is to choose a topic you really like and admire and have a sincere desire to explore. With this strategy you will complete your dissertation without making any excuses at all. 3. Another important think you need to do is to stop making assumptions as well as stop procrastinating. You may be thinking that your dissertation will be 30,000 words long, whereas in reality, it may only be 10,000 words long. So, dont give yourself a headache with speculations. 4. Once you start writing your dissertation, after finding an interesting topic, do not give up and remain persistent. Do not let your mind tell you that this task is impossible. Instead, tell your mind that you will make it possible and win your degree. So, apply the tips mentioned above and you will be done with your dissertation very soon.

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3. Do you need to quote? Can you put the information in your own words as effectively or more effectively? Remember quotes are best used only if a person is an authority on the subject, the way the quote is worded is important, or if you are going to talk about specific parts of that quote later in your argument. If you are using information from something you have read, heard, or watched, you need to cite that source. A useful method for deciding whether you need to use a citation is to ask: “Would a normal person know that information without looking it up?” If not, you need to tell your source. Two common ways for citing are to tell the author and title of the text or do a parenthetical reference (MLA style) or footnote (APA style). Additionally, as you write your paper, you should use “author tags” whenever the facts you are writing about came from your source. Find out where you need to put author tags by reading the paper and marking where you are referring to the ideas in the article you read (highlight one color), and your ideas (highlight in a different color). Make sure that every time you are referring to the author’s ideas you have used an author tag, or referred in some way to where you got the ideas. Examples: the author argues, James concludes, the essay explains, he/she refers to. How much time do you spend doing essay revision?

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