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When everything is all cleaned up, take the towels and stuff them noisily into the trash can, tipping it over and making another mess. It won’t be full, it’s only first period, but the sound will distract everybody. Get back to your seat and wait for it. Sit up and wait for him to start teaching, but before he can finish the first sentence on his lesson, ask, “can I go get a drink of water, that salsa was HOT! ” At this time your teacher’s head should explode into a torrent of sputtering uncomprehensible language. But you are not done. Now, nail him with that one question that only the most gifted teacher can answer. Talk in a depressed voice, full of anxiety and if possible, whip up some watery eyes and whine, “Why don’t you like me? If he grinds his teeth so much he needs dental work, that’s four points! If he screams and yells and gets a nosebleed, you’ve earned fifteen points! If he simply allows you to go and when you return he’s lock you out of the classroom, you have been officially eliminated from the game.

If he answers, “Cause you’re an idiot,” pull out your phone and call your parents. Have them set up a meeting to have the teacher apologize for his outburst and for being very unprofessional. If he apologizes, you win ten points, but if he gets fired, you’ve won fifty points and the entire game! Now you can create minor tremors at your school by asking a simple, “Why are we learning this? ” or “If you’re so educated, why did you become a teacher? ” Getting a teacher to twitch over a simple, “What page are we on? ” or “You think this is important” can give you a nice warm feeling, but those are for amateurs. No “can I borrow a pencil” questions for you! You are about to embrace a new madness. Anyone can interrupt to ask to go to the bathroom, but you want to ask questions to interrupt the entire educational system. You’re going for points. You want to see medical personnel and ambulances.

And even if you can’t get the record, just remember, you may have lost this round, but you can always come back and play again. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I loved this post! You’ll be had up for inciting a riot! I’m an x-teacher (‘oh no’, I hear you groan) but enjoyed it all (sorry!). However, it was in a specialist school with no more than 10 pupils at a time and mostly 1:1 so that doesn’t count, does it? I’ve been in schools like that though but not for long! Great hub, so entertaining. This was absolutely hilarious. I giggled through the whole thing. In high school, there was nothing I loved more than watching someone torment a tyrant of a teacher. Definitely made the day go by faster. I was always the eager beaver in my classes, so anytime anyone asked these questions, I too would turn around in dismay.

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