Download Free Anti Spyware Software with Google Pack


There are a number of sites where you can download free anti spyware software on the internet today. However, not all the anti spyware software are genuine or actually addresses your spyware problem. Bottom line – you need to be careful where you download free anti spyware software. Luckily Google have provided a solution you can trust through their free Google Pack download.

The Google Pack is a collection of free software. In total there are over 10 programs including an anti virus program and a spyware remover. Google is clearly a company from whom you can download free anti spyware software in confidence.

Originally when Google Pack launched in 2006 a company called Lavasoft provided their “Ad-Aware” spyware removal product to include in Google Pack. Ad-Aware was already widely available on the internet. Its spyware scanning and removal abilities were adequate but by no means performed best in independent tests.

In 2007 Google replaced Ad-Aware with a new spyware removal software provided by a company called PC Tools. PC Tools have supplied Spyware Doctor Starter Edition which is based on the award-winning Spyware Doctor. Although the Starter Edition lacks some of the more advance active protection features of the full version it still retains the highly impressive scanning and removal capabilities. Spyware definition updates are also free.

Google Pack also contains a number of other excellent applications. In my opinion Spyware Doctor Starter Edition is a good enough reason to download Google Pack. There is no better place to download free anti spyware software than from Google! You can learn more from the link below. If you are looking to protect your computer there is nothing better for free on the market at the moment.


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