Drafting Learning Objectives and Activities

Creating learning objectives and activities is an important part of both completing your Cooperative Learning Agreement and your internship overall.  These objectives help to drive your progress through your internship and they become a way to track your learning and your accomplishments.

Given their importance, you need to make sure you select the right ones and that they are drafted in a way that is specific enough to be meaningful.  You will also need to have enough of them to provide a full picture of what you hope to gain from your internship.

But writing objectives is not easy.  So it will be good to practice.  And this assignment will give you that opportunity.

As stated earlier, an objective is something that you plan, expect, or hope to learn.  So draft your objectives to fit that format. What are 3-5 things that you plan, expect, or hope to learn from your internship?

Alternatively, you were also provided with a list of objectives that other students have used for their internships.  You can select your objectives from this list and then, if needed, modify them to fit your needs.

For this assignment, write or select 3-5 objectives that could be right for the internship that you hope to do.

Then, for each of these outcomes, include 2-4 activities that support each objective.  Look at the Cooperative Learning Agreement for examples.

Present your objectives and activities as bulleted lists formatted in the following way:

Objective 1:

  • Activity 1:
  • Activity 2:
  • Activity 3:


Remember the objective is what you want to learn and the activities specify what you will be doing to make sure you learn the objective.

Also remember that if you have not found your internship yet, your objectives and activities may be a bit general but  be sure to make them more specific as you identify your internship and narrow down the tasks you will be doing.  It will be important and beneficial to you do make these more specific and well-matched to your duties.

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