Technology plays an imperative role in the world of today because of it’s great impact on the economic and other sectors of a nation. Through technology, individuals are able to execute duties easily and in a more efficient manner that is associated with minimal time and cost. However, it is important to understand that technology is achieved through innovation that is diverse across individual hence the availability of variety. Technology keeps on changing from time to time due to the advancements that are made for purposes of upgrading the current. This assignment focusses on three predecessors of the emergent technology and how the technologies influenced the developing of the current innovations.

One of the predecessors in the field of technology is the use of telephone booth that was used for purposes of communication. It could be used by an individual at only convenient times and was inconvenient since the timing was a very important factor for those using this means of communication. As the need for communication was increasingly growing individuals though that they needed a better means of communication that led to the development of mobile phones that are used for communication up to date (Lytras, Miltiadis, and Isabel 78). The use of horse carts as a means of transport is ancient periods that were specifically used by the elite and wealthy merchants in the society are a predecessor to the discovery of vehicle technology. Vehicle machines are widely used across the world with there being a variety that is used to undertake a number of tasks. Another ancient form of technology that has been advanced today was the use of ancient discs that were used in playing music. This predecessor was a manual system that highly depended on human assistance during its operation.

From the above text, it is evident that the recent technology of today can be traced from a certain point. This indicates that the need for a better technology among human beings led to the advancement that has been and those that are currently being undertaken at the moment for purposes of improving different types of technology (Wittstock 45). In this case, the use of telephone booth influenced the innovation of mobile phones because of the need of proper means of communication that was highly motivated by the increase in trading activities among individuals. Communication was very paramount for the business people who often communicated with their counterparts from different directions. As a result, developers had to come up with an improvised for that was convenient and mobile in a manner that did not restrict users moving with it to any destination.

The use of horse carts greatly influenced the recent use of vehicles today. The carts played a significant role during the past period as it was used as a firm of transport particularly for shorter distances and plain areas. However, there was a need for better machinery as the population was in need of the same services that could not accommodate a wider number (Lytras, Miltiadis, and Isabel 99). Therefore, vehicles were proposed as the convenient means because they were flexible since they were used in any area and could not be limited by speed. The innovation of vehicles started by the development of simple engines that were used to move the machines. Finally, the use of plate discs in playing music preceded the current technology of television, and radio that can play music easily. In summary, the recent technology was preceded by other ancient technology that was less efficient.






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