Dry Cleaning Shop Arena Model Analysis Report


  • Introduction

Simulation is a powerful tool for modeling and analysis of complex systems. Most real-life situations are hard to study through analytical models since they lack practically computable numerical or closed-form solution, Benson, D. (1996). Arena simulation software is discrete simulation and automation software for events or operations. This software helps business and companies to analyze ideas, strategies and operation before full implementation process is undertaken to avoid disruptions of operations.

Simulation model can almost always be constructed and run to generate system histories that yield useful statistical information on system operation and performance measures. It helps an analyst comprehend how best a system performs given a set of parameters. It is also best applicable in optimization studies to find acceptable values of parameters. Simulation use is now in almost all fields including; manufacturing sector, supply chains, transport systems and computer information systems, Alexopoulos, C. and A.F. Seila (1998).

Majorly, simulation modeling is used in industry as a decision support tool in numerous industrial problems, including estimation of facility capacities, testing of alternatives methods of operation, product mix decisions and alternative system architectures, Askin, R.G. and C.R. Standridge (1993),.

Arena is an easy-to-use, powerful modeling and simulation software tool that allows the user to construct a simulation model and run experiments on the model. As a result of simulation run of the software, it generates reports that are used for analysis.

In this report, I have developed an Arena Model on Dry Cleaning Shop operations and analyzed the simulation reports, tested alternatives methods and made recommendations for the improvement of the shop operations.

1.1 Problem definition

Dry cleaning process often requires computerized analysis of complex flows and queues of suits (jacket and pants). The computer models used to analyze are either based on procedure using spreadsheets or more complex, discrete simulation models that include animated outputs (discrete Event Models).

The discrete event models are usually created on proprietary software. Some instances call for the use of discrete event models; arena models often provide sufficient preliminary or final answers to many dry cleaning issues.

The development of reusable user-friendly arena models that reflect accepted analysis techniques, and analyze common issues relating to dry cleaning process, would benefit dry cleaning shop operators by providing them with tools they can immediately use without having to “reinvent the wheel” as they confront issues that are new to them and have been solved elsewhere.

In this model, I seek to provide answers to the any questions as to how dry cleaning operators can minimize the problem of damaged suits. This model will provide alternatives to chose in order to ensure no suit is damaged during the cleaning process.

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