Ducane and Trade – Gas Furnace Review

Ducane has been recognized as one of the top leaders in the air conditioning and heating industry for more than five decades. Over these ages, it has been striving to fulfill its commitment to make customers’ home environment more comfortable with the help it offers in its top-quality air conditioners and furnaces, which are produced and manufactured by the most sophisticated procedure coupled with the most advanced modern technologies. Its consistent efforts put in research and development in new high-tech products entitle it to always meet and exceed its customers’ expectations and thus has earned it a great popularity both at home and abroad. This American institution is continuing to provide its customers with the best comfort they can ever experience with its innovative design, refined manufacturing procedures and great acquirement of advanced technologies.

Ducane™  Gas  Furnace is the main product and the star product of Ducane. Its dedication to offer carefree and reliable comfort to its customers makes sure it is never the wrong choice for customers in need of a  gas  furnace to purchase. This unit has reached the requirement of Star Energy with its upgraded efficiency, which allows its customers to be economically-efficient by cutting back large expanse up to $530.00 a year on their natural  gas  bill compared with common  gas  furnaces. In addition, this device offers the dependable comfort with great durability that has been thoroughly and rigorously inspected and tested in factory, ensuring a reliable performance for a long service time. Plus, its use of highly developed anti-vibration technology grants it a bonus of noise reduction to create a quiet and relaxing home environment for its purchasers.

Ducane™  Gas  Furnace Features:

80% AFUE rating ensures an efficient performance for its customers and help them save  gas  bill money more economically efficiently.

Installed with advanced Electronic Control System, making sure its function in every procedure reaches digital accuracy that help improve comfort for customers.

Aluminized steel heat exchangers are highly resistant against all kinds of corrosion, extending its service life considerably.

The built-in anti-vibration blower assembly helps reduce noise which often occurs with starts and stops, providing a quiet comfort for its purchasers and their families.

Ducane™  Gas  Furnace Price: $1,900.00-$2,000.00

The price here is intended for reference only.

Ducane™  Gas  Furnace Warranty

The Ducane™  Gas  Furnace grants its customers a great warranty. Its heat exchanger is backed by a Lifetime limited warranty while the other parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

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