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Growing needs of the demanding world of business is now pressuring colleges to churn out a very large number of management students. But more than simply having an enormous output of students, it’s the quality of education, knowledge and efficiency of the syllabus that matters. This is where Encender Education Pvt Ltd comes into picture.
As the businesses are becoming global, managers with good management skills are always in demand. Globalization, having removed the barriers that existed between countries, has led to a generation with so many more jobs opportunities all over the world.
EEPL was established keeping in mind the needs of the business world which needed competent managers for the business. Established by the leaders and educators like Dr. Saroja Asthana and Dr. Pramod Kumar, EEPL offers management programmes that offer studies abroad and an approved MBA degree from the University of Wales, UK.
EEPL is flourishing under the guidance of Dr. Saroja Asthana – a contributor to Nobel Peace Prize 2007 and Dr. Pramod Kumar – PhD (IIT-Bombay) and the founder of ISB&M, who are also leading educators with both academic and corporate background. With a team of efficient experts and academicians, EEPL’s vision of nurturing an all-round professional with an enterprise driven education is being accomplished.
Allowing the students to pursue their management programmes abroad, EEPL offers two courses:
BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Management, Leading to *BA (Hons) Business (Top-Up)
BTEC Diploma/Extended Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management leading to Master of Business Administration

Both these degrees are certified by the University of Wales. The programme is conducted in 2 phases where students study the first 14 months at the MGI campus, Pune and the next 9 months at IBAM campus, UK.

To provide an exposure to the business and corporate world outside India, EEPL has tied up with RDI, IBAM, Edexcel and Centrum in the UK. With a minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS, the students are eligible to pursue their education at the UK campus. EEPL’s association with the institutes in the UK is a great advantage to students who wish to study there, as the total cost is reduced by 50% as they finish the first part of their programme at Indian campus.

RDI, UK with its flexible learning and payment schedules is an ideal choice for students who are committed to full time work, families and other responsibilities. The modern schedules of programmes ensure that the students pursue their management studies without hampering their commitment to other responsibilities.
Opening the pathway to studying in the UK, EEPL in association with IBAM, London as well that allows students to pursue the 9 months of their course in London. This, being a great exposure to students during their studies, will give them a neat idea at the global business world. All programmes being accredited to UK universities, IBAM is an
approved centre for UK Management Degrees .The degree from IBAM will be certified by the University of Wales

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