Empty Nest Syndrome – Parent’s College Prep


Most parents spend their time on college prep for their children, but they rarely spend time on parent’s college prep, or preparing themselves for their children leaving the home. The Empty Nest Syndrome is a common psychological or emotional condition that tends to affect women around the time their children head off for college or get married. The Empty Nest Syndrome often rears its ugly head in autumn when most teenagers are leaving home for college.

So, what exactly is empty nest syndrome? This is not a term that you will often find in the medical textbooks, but it is a phrase that accurately describes the feelings of sadness and loss that many mothers, and sometimes fathers, experience with their children move out of the home and no longer need their mother’s day-to-day care.

Most parents need to realize that it is natural for you to feel some sadness when you are preparing your children for college and once they have moved out of your home. It’s also normal to have a little cry now and again while you adjust to not having them around and wondering if they are making smart decisions in the cold, cruel world. It is also normal to want to spend some time in your child’s bedroom in an attempt to feel closer to your child. These feelings are completely normal and you should not be ashamed of them at all.

Many parents will feel a bit worse than this and they may have feelings of depression that may need to be treated. If you find that you are crying excessively, you don’t want to go out with friends or you don’t want to go work then you should seek help from a therapist or psychologist. Many women will need to go on antidepressants or take counseling sessions to deal with their feelings of loss and uselessness. At the same time, many women are also experiencing menopausal symptoms as well. If they seem to be getting worse, don’t ignore them. Visit your doctor for advice and treatment to get them under control.

Parents often do not realize that their children heading off to college can be beneficial to them as well. Parents can begin their own parent’s college prep, but looking into doing things that they were unable to do while their children were living at home. Perhaps you would like to go on a cruise or start a new career. There are most likely a myriad of things that you put off doing while your children were at home. This is a great opportunity to look into starting a new hobby or other activity to help you spend the days. Remember, you’re not ignoring the fact that your children are gone from your home, but you are finding more enjoyable things to do with your newly acquired free time that you didn’t have when you were running kids between soccer practice, dance lessons and school. This is a chance for a new beginning for the whole family.


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