Essay example on conviction of governor Ryan


Criminal Law Conviction of Governor Ryan
The federal jurors of Chicago convict the Governor of Illinois George Ryan due to 18 different cases of corruption in April 2006 (Driehaus, 2007). The 18 counts of corruption entail tax fraud, racketeering, lying to the police enforcement, filing false tax returns among others. In his heyday, Ryan was an ardent supporter for granting clemency to death row victims. In 2003, Ryan got a nomination for the Nobel peace prize (Wilgoren, 2003). At the time, he had commuted many death sentences.
The family of Ryan prior to his conviction benefited from bounties to vacations, cash, and tickets to events courtesy of the taxpayers money. As the secretary of the state, he awarded truckers counterfeit driving licenses that ensured the flow of bribes to the political fund. Some of the drivers were incompetent and saw the death of nine civilians and scores of people severely injured. For instance in 1994, Rev.Willis testifies that illicit truck drivers cause accidents and this happened under the watch of Ryan (Wilgoren, 2003). Ryan put his office on sale by awarding state contracts to his friends and making enormous profits from such activities. Ryan was unable to handle the public office. The stench of corruption under the watch of Ryan make him intolerable occasioned by the culture of political sleaze.
The law does not apply the same to the lawmakers and the lawbreakers. This is because the death penalty was abolished during the conviction of Ryan. Currently, Ryan is serving a lesser sentence just as other ex-governors arrive and depart from prison due to influence in the corridors of power.
The Illinois Supreme court makes a declaration that the state forfeits the entire pension payable to Ryan during retirement. The case of Ryan signifies that the wealthy receive fair treatment in the law system due to their power and influence in society.
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