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Read through Chapter 12 of Stallings textbook and Session 9 Notes and try to comprehend the firewall principle and its role in protecting the corporate network. • Identify the major vulnerable points to security threats in the network structure and discuss how firewalls can counteract these threats. • Are firewalls the total solution to deny access to systems? Give examples to support your answer. • What is the role of application gateways and circuit-level gateways? After antivirus software and firewalls an IDS is considered the best way to detect a security breach. However, successfully deploying an IDS is one of the biggest challenges for a security administrator. The purpose of this session is to discuss real-life deployment considerations. Read through Chapter 11 Stallings textbook and Session 10 Notes and learn about intruders and IDSs. • As a network administrator you are asked to improve your network security by adding an IDS. What type of IDS should you use? • Before you buy an IDS, you have to be sure you have enough resources to maintain it. What kind of problems you have to face? • You want to deploy your first IDS. What are the steps you may consider to a successful IDS deployment? A very challenging issue in IT industry is wireless security. Because of the specific technical principles involved in building a wireless network, the security problem needs a special type of approach. The purpose of this session is to understand the wireless network structure and functionality from the security professional’s point of view. • What are the security issues with wireless LANs and WANs in a data processing environment? What are the recommended solutions to the issues identified? • What are the security issues with Wireless telephony? What solutions were implemented if any to address those issues?

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