The purpose of this assignment to confirm that variables can be declared and used properly.

  • Add the forms discussed in the lectures to the Payroll_Application.
  • Ensure that the login form is displayed first when the application is launched.
  • Include the following controls on the login form to allow the following:
    • Input of a user id that allows only 7 numbers
    • Input of a password that allows only 5 alphanumeric characters
    • Input of a department that allows for the following departments:
      • Accounting
      • Actuarial
      • Finance
      • IT
      • Sales
  • Place a button on the form that will be used to log into to the application.
  • Include the creation of variables to store the following:
    • Employee ID entered
    • Password entered
    • Department selected
  • After the login button is selected load the data entered into the appropriate variables, close the form and display the Time Sheet Entry form.
  • When the Submit button the Time Sheet Entry form is clicked, store the data entered for the week into the appropriate variables and display a message box that states: “Time Sheet Saved!”
  • Ensure that proper naming convention is used for all objects (forms, buttons, etc.)
  • Capture a screenshot of the following and include in a Word document entitled “Week 2 – Assignment”.
    • Each form in design mode showing the Properties window
    • Each form in run mode
    • Final message box after submit button is clicked on Time Sheet Entry form.
    • Source code for each form that shows all subroutines
  • Submit the assignment in the assignment upload area.

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