Psychopaths typically have five techniques they use to gaslight their victims. These techniques are listed below.

Disorientation – Abusers want to separate their victims from the rest of the world. This means the abuser will disagree with everything the victim says and negatively criticize them for how they perceive the world. The abuser wants to get the victim to a state of mind where they no longer trust their own senses, skills, family, friends and environment. The victim’s whole world has to revolve around what the abuser says and does.

Incapacitation – Abusers will take over all of the chores and duties that were previously done by the victim. This could mean taking over the cooking, cleaning, job or anything else that the victim normally did. The abuser wants their victim to totally rely on them in every way.

Fantasy World – The creation of a fantasy world is an important element in gaslighting. The abuser will invent a world exclusively for their victim. What this means is the abuser will tell the victim false things about the world. Victims will actually defend these lies around other people, even if it means fighting for them. Abusers will constantly test their victims as to whether or not they still fit into their world. The victim will want to work hard to be in that world so they can experience the abuser’s rewards.

Collect Information – The first thing an abuser will do to gaslight their victim is collect information about them. The more the abuser learns about their potential victim, the easier they will be to manipulate. This is why family members of the abuser are so easy to gaslight because the abuser already knows everything about them. But with strangers and acquaintances, they will have to get to know their victim first by being friendly or perhaps even intimate with them.

Recruit Others – Abusers are typically psychopaths who conjure up lies on their own. However, they will often recruit others who unknowingly assist them with the lies. These could be the victim’s friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers, or coworkers. Basically, the abuser will tell these people the same kinds of lies that they tell their primary victim. Since they have no reason to doubt what they are being told, they will likely support the lies and then convince the victim that they are real. This ultimately causes the victim to believe them to.

The big question… why?

Why is it that psychopaths go to such elaborate lengths to deceive people? What are they trying to accomplish? Is it power? The reality is there is no rational reason as to why psychopaths gaslight their victims. Their genetic predisposition causes them to sadistically enjoy the torment they cause to their victims. Not only that, but it makes the psychopaths look like heroes to their victims or to those around them. Sometimes the psychopaths will play it out so they appear to be the victims instead of the abusers. These actions are just caused by their mental disorder, which there is unfortunately no cure for. Psychopaths can go to therapy and receive medications, but these things won’t totally free them from the force in their brain that causes them to be this way. The only true way to stop a psychopath is to place them in a controlled environment where their actions can be monitored by mental health professionals. Unfortunately, the majority of psychopaths in this world are not in such an environment. They reside in the regular world while blending in with everyone else.

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