Five Most Effective Ways to Sell Your Writing


Many writers struggle to find ways to sell their work effectively, time can often slip by and by the time you think you’ve found the perfect home for your work the market just isn’t there.

1. Increase your rate of production

The first and simplest way to sell your writing is to write consistently. Far too many of us spend days perfecting one article and then wait, wait and wait some more for it to be rejected several times over before moving on to the next one. As soon as one piece of writing is done, start marketing it then move onto the next one – don’t wait. By increasing your rate of production you will inevitably increase your chances of getting your work published.

2. Make sure you pitch your piece to the right publication

Simple but true. Research your target market meticulously to ensure that your feature or article is the right length / style for your intended publication. Some publications will offer guidelines for submitting work but many don’t. If they don’t then try and obtain previous copies of the publication so you can get an idea of the style of writing they publish.

3. Think a season ahead

This is particularly useful when writing for magazines. Monthly titles in particular have a fairly long lead time and you can often be writing for the following season. When you’re writing non time specific features then it can be to your benefit if you can get into the habit of thinking a season ahead (which after all is only three months). This should ensure that you have enough of a ‘store’ of work to keep selling.

4. Make friends with your Commissioning Editors

Again, remarkably simple but effective. It’s a fairly natural human trait that people will deal much more readily with those they like and who are easy to deal with. Developing strong, ethical working relationships over time will be worth much more to you than cultivating a reputation for being difficult to worth with.

5. Write about subjects you know and enjoy

You’re much more likely to write enthusiastically about a subject you know and enjoy than one you have no interest in. No amount of knowledge and research in the world can pretty up the words of an uninterested writer. Whether it’s writing about your work, hobbies or favourite travel destinations your writing will bear testament to how much interest you have in your subject.


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