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The mobile is the firs always-carried mass media. The phone is with us literally within arm’s reach, at all times. Seven out of ten people sleep with the phone within arm’s reach, even at night. Also, the mobile is the first mass media with a built-in payment mechanism. It has a click-to-buy mechanism to buy any content, any service, any product, anytime, anywhere, by anyone. No credit cards nor Bank accounts. You can buy books, CDs, ringbacktones, video games, movie tickets, hotel reservations. Click-to-buy insurance,parking, fishing, license, speeding ticket. Anything you want and have to use the mobile, you just have to click-to-buy. This is the newest mass media, and will soon be the most powerful mass media on the planet. It has enormous implication to the current giant, TV, and to it revenue engine-advertising. It has a huge implication to the Internet,which will soon be overtaken in importance by mobile.

Mobile to the Internet is like TV is to radio. The mobile is superior to the Internet. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams The public introduction began in March 2006 inside San Francisco podcasting company Odeo, says Mark Glasser. He then went to explain that ‘Odeo’ was co-founded by Noah by Noah Glass . The only difference is that I am not getting a big fat cheque for writing this. Certainly Technology, Technique have and are still expanding man’s soul. Being and reaches. The process of massification corresponds, moreover, to the disappearing of anything resembling a community. We may now ask what position were in today with respect to these factors insofar a technique is concerned. What excites the Crowd? Performance – whether performance in sports (the result of a sporting technique) or economic performance , in reality they are the same thing.

Technique is the instrument of performance. What is important is to get higher and faster; the object of the performance means little. The act is sufficient unto itself. He is reduced, in the process, to a near utility. Even if he is not a worker on the assembly line, his share of the autonomy and individual initiative becomes smaller. He is constrained and repressed in thought and action by an omnivorous reality which is external to him and imposed upon him. He is no longer permitted to display any personal power. A good method applied by an imbecile does not yield good results; and a technique used by a man full of rancor, disgust, or resentment, or by a man who detests it, will not be very efficient. Research, therefore, has taken two directions. It has concerned itself with making the interests of man and technique correspond, thus rendering technique flexible.

It has also attempted to take human nature into account in order to keep man from being crushed by technique, thereby becoming an obstacle to technique. Man is not supposed to be merely a technical object, but a participant in a complicated movement. His fatigue, pleasures, nerves, an opinions are carefully taken into account. Attention is paid o his reactions to orders, his phobias and his earning. All this fills the uneasy with hope from the moment man is taken seriously. It seems to them that they are witnessing the creation of a Technical Humanism. There is no doubt that technique can counter technique; and abstractly man can thereby be restored to unity. A group of techniques is to be formed, therefore, centered on a concept of man and activated by the human techniques. The liberation of man, not only by technique in general, but specifically through the agency of human techniques, a liberation which proceeds as much from within man as from without.

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