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Complete the answers to the eight questions at the end of Case 12, “Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers? 1. What are the legal and ethical issues in this case? 2. Is illegal immigration primarily an economic, legal, ethical, social, or political issue? 3. Are companies that hire illegal immigrants being socially responsible? 4. What are the legal and ethical arguments in favor of continuing to allow illegal immigrants to be hired by businesses? What are the legal and ethical arguments against illegal immigration? Which side do you support? 5. Assess the issue of illegal immigration using a number of different ethical principles, such as the principles of rights, utilitarianism, and justice. What does each principle have to say about the issue of illegal immigration? 6. With E-Verify making it so easy for companies to obey the law, is there any excuse for not complying with the requirements of the law? 7. What will be the consequences of the Mohawk decision? Will this deter companies from hiring illegal immigrants? 8. What is your assessment of the new Arizona law? Why do states think they need to take action on this issue rather than waiting for the federal government to act?

Directions: For the situation below, determine the facts and assumptions, the major overriding issues or problems, sub-issues and related issues that may need consideration, the stakeholders, do a CSR analysis, an evaluation and a recommendation. Then answer the questions to this situation based on this analysis. Interact with other students by responding to their postings. Please use the template provided. The template can also be found in the Online office. Ethics in Practice Discussion. Bosses Watching Employees: Are You Safe on Social Networking Sites? IMPORTANT: YOU MUST POST YOUR DISCUSSION FIRST IN ORDER TO VIEW OTHERS’ POSTS IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD. Which of the following is the most basic assumption we make in discussing personal and managerial ethics? The object of ethical principles is to minimize harm done to others. The object of ethical principles is to maximize benefits to others and ourselves. With effort, the “right” answer can be reached. People want to behave ethically. Employers’ monitoring of workers is not limited to their use of computers and the Internet.

Do you believe sweatshops in other countries are ethical? What would be the impact to the labor force in those poorer nations that employee sweatshop labor if their American host employers closed those manufacturing sweatshops? Please respond with a minimum of 100 words, and cite and reference any outside information used in your answer. Review the pros and cons of globalization in figure 10-1 on page 303. What is your opinion of globalization? Please relate this opinion to business or management. Provide an Internet source to back up your opinion. Complete the answers to the six questions at the end of Case 30,“Goodbye, Indiana—Hello, Mexico: The Whirlpool Plant Closing”. 1. Was the Whirlpool plant closing just another “business decision,” or did it carry with it social and ethical responsibilities and implications? 2. What are the legal and ethical responsibilities of Whirlpool in a plant- closing case such as the one in Evansville, Indiana? 3. In light of the federal stimulus funds that Whirlpool received, did it have a greater responsibility to make the Evansville plant sustainable? Or, were the funds received totally unrelated to the plant-closing decision? 4. Was the Whirlpool division vice president’s memo threatening future job opportunities an ethical practice? Was it an unfair labor practice? 5. What about the plant closing’s impact on the community and related stakeholders? Did the company have any responsibility to work with the community in this decision? What should it have done and how should it have done it? 6. Should there be legislation preventing American firms from closing down and moving to less expensive parts of the world? Should NAFTA be repealed?

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