Friendship has always been highly valued as a relationship of unique nature. It involves trust, mutual understanding, caring, and common interests. It has essential moral worth and it improve moral development and growth of a personality. There is a specific link between morality and friendship which makes those two ideas dependent on each other. Although moral values are mostly considered to be interpersonal, while friendship is a relationship with other people, positive moral development is impossible without having good and reliable friends. The type of friendship shows the moral characteristics of the people, and at the same time testing, learning, and growth of morality in done in the framework of friendly relations.

Friends get closer to each other, friends share their feelings when they sad or happy, thoughts, and ideas without any fear. They know that they are accepted, but not judged. Close people share their perception of life and reality, feeling connected and seeing through the same eyes. Emotional closeness is very important to everybody as it brings joy to life; however, some people find it hard to relax and trust. It is not easy for them to give a key to their world to someone who is a stranger, but these people can also learn to open their hearts to others. It is essential not to be judgmental, controlling, selfish, unforgiving, or too critical in friendly relationship. A person can feel free and safe only being sure that no one is going to hurt and make any harm. Two of the best ways to build emotional closeness is to cry and laugh together with some other person. Being a close friend of somebody means that both good and sad things in life can be shared with someone who really cares.

Almost every person has strived to build strong friendship even once in the life. This imagination is mainly considered as psychological (emotional) tie as well as social form of interaction. Nevertheless, as for me, it is not complete understanding of it. This imagination should be also analyzed from the perspective of relationships. It is a well-known truth that looking for friends is even harder than looking for an enemy, and keep friendship is even harder than retaining foes. That is why friendship as every other work requires many efforts as well as feedbacks not only to be formed but also remain strong for many years.

On the psychological level, friendship is mainly considered through the emotional perspective. In other words, the main emphasis is put on the emotional connectivity between people. Although the reasons for this strong emotional tie have not been researched completely, the most popular supposition states that people become interesting for each other when they have similar interests. The other psychological notion, associated with friendship is empathy – the ability to put oneself in other person’s position. In many cases, people, who are called true friends, can understand the desires as well as sad of each other even without words.

Living in the society, people create different kinds of social bonds. They are the way to find the supporter as well as to protect personal interests. Social bond is described by Steven Van Zandt on the example of music band,

Band members have a special bond. A great band is more than just some people working together. It’s like a highly specialized army unit, or a winning sports team.

One of such bonds, built on the mutual affection, is known as friendship. It is close relationships between two or more people, united in the common social group. There are number of social functions, presupposed to a friend. For example, he is expected to provide the supportive shoulder as well pieces of advice. In addition, the other feature of a friend is spending time together. It is possible to do not only in the reality but also virtual reality such as social networks, and chats.

Psychological and social understanding of friendship creates the imagination that this idea is a constant object, which performs certain predefined functions. Also, in fact, everything is much more complicated. To keep strong relationships for a long time, people are required to spend many efforts. For example, ask your friend when your friend become tired or there are some problems that happen for your friend. In other words, friendship can be compared with work, which does not give any results without honsty. For example, if people have similar interests but do not communicate for a long time, the tie between them will be ruined. In addition, to expect from a friend something but do not give anything in return may also lead to the end of relationships. That is why I regard friendship as a mastership, which requires constant selflessness as well as feedback nature of relationships. In positive way, it is possible to compare friendship with flower, which will fade without water and care.

On my personal example, I want to prove that friendship, except of psychological and social characteristics, has the traits of a mutual work. One of the best friends I have managed to retain all these years is Abdul. I have known him for about ten years. The first thing, which has made our friendship possible, is similar outlooks. In other words, I consider us good friends because I have always thought that he is similar to me. The second bond of our friendship deals with social closeness. I do not think anyone would have accepted me the way I am except Abdul. He used to be a reliable support to me, and I have always turned to him during both good and bad moments. Abdul has the ability to make me laugh even when I think everything is going the wrong way. It is always a nice feeling to know that I have someone to help me with advice when I feel disappointed or even when I am sick. I have found it very hard to avoid problems in my life, and one of the first people I always turn for assistance is Abdul, as he never disappoints me and is always ready to support. He encourages me to be strong and gives me hope that I will not face the same problems another day. Nevertheless, our friendship is not the game with only one goal. Cooperation and feedbacks are the essential clue, which keeps us together for so many years. For example, we always like to perform school tasks and projects together. Even outside of education, we solve problems shoulder to shoulder. For instance, when his brother passed away, I felt a deep loss too and always encouraged Abdul to stay stronger.

To sum up, people describe friendship as a special tie between two souls, formed on the basis of similar interests. In addition, a friend is also regarded as a significant social factor of one person’s reference group. Due to it, he is intended to perform such social functions as support, counseling, accompaniment. In some cases, a role of a friend may even get the same level of importance as the ones, assigned to family members, especially when the family is far away from an individual. Nevertheless, friendship is also a mutual work. Without collaboration, feedbacks, and loyalty, it may fade like a flower without water.