Being a youngster, more so a student, community service, academic integrity, and responsibility are paramount, if they are to excel. These are engraved into a student’s everyday normal life through participation in various recreational as well as educational activities.

Personally, I took leadership in a rather serious manner both in primary and high school. Leadership obviously goes hand in hand with responsibility. This, I did through active participation in both curricula and extra curricula activities. My most favorite sport was Ping Pong and my optimism that I will find Ping Pong in college is unlimited, otherwise I will have to find a way to lobby for its introduction.

Ping pong has been my favorite game since childhood, as a result of influence from my dad who used to encourage me into the game, as well as, coach me. He always insisted that I had a talent in the game. I would always outwit my age mates in various other games and my dad thought that ping pong being a game of wits, I would excel in it. Also, being the traditional man he was, my dad thought that it had to be genetic, so that I ought to have inherited the art of playing ping pong from him. The pressure was massive. Other games in which I was actively involved were lawn and table tennis. In high school, I joined the table tennis team and by the third grade I was among the team that was receiving professional training, playing 6-7 hours per week.

My achievements in ping pong include a Gold Medal Winner (Under 18 doubles), Singles Bronze medal winner (under 18) and a Team Bronze Medal Winner(under 18) in the 2011 AAU National Junior Olympic Games. I also won the Singles champion (under 18)in the 2011 Georgia Games, among others. My passion for table tennis saw me participate the most in the ping pong club, rising to the level of chairmanship by the third grade. Prior to joining the club, it had only ten members. This was my biggest challenge when I was appointed as the manager of the club. I had to retain the already enrolled members as well as to urge them to encourage other students to enroll. It was actually my idea that as a sports club we should hold a school-wide-try-out that would form the first school team. Almost a hundred students enrolled. Later, I would lead the team that would win the championship in Georgia High School Table Tennis Tournament. After the massive enrolment and the win in Georgia High School, I got elected as the president of the Club, under which the club became the most popular in the school.

The rise to fame of Ping Pong in the school even encouraged me further. With the help of a few other friends, I started a statewide campaign of Ping Pong and I would later be among the organizers of the Ping Pong tournament for Under-18s. Through the Ping Pong club, I have had the opportunity to participate in many volunteering and community service activities in my State.


If one is driven by passion, nothing can put a limit as to how much they can achieve in life. It leads to hard work. Teamwork is also a powerful tool that ought to be embraced if one is to succeed in his/her endeavor. With these, leadership becomes more than just a calling.



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