Funny Freestyle Rap Lyrics – Best to Improve Your Freestyle Raps


Funny freestyle rap lyrics are the bread and butter of pretty much every successful rap MC. Take a second to think about your favorite freestyles you have heard over the last few years. Almost certainly most of them will be freestyles that have made you laugh. Every successful MC places a large amount of effort on integrating humorous lyrics into their raps. Perhaps one of the best examples of rapper that has succeeded with the help of humor is Eminem.

The reason that funny lyrics dominate in rapping is a simple one – everyone likes to laugh. Take a look at the cinema and you will see that all the top films are either action or comedy. Successful rap songs are no different. The bravado and story telling contained in most tracks provides the action and the lyrical deftness of the likes of Jay Z, Eminem or Biggie Smalls provides the humor.

How can you improve your free-styling?

One of the easiest ways to improve your free-styling is to increase the size of your dictionary. The more words you have tucked away in your long term memory the easier it is to find a rhyme when you might otherwise choke on the mic. Several famous rappers (including the king of freestyle, Supernatural) freely admit to reading a dictionary in their spare time to increase their lyrical scope. In addition there are also specific programs available that can help you develop the areas of you vocabulary that are most used while rapping.


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