Gas Boiler Vs Oil Boiler

A lot of people have the boiler systems that use oil as fuel. This used to be the most popular type of boiler and almost every home installed this system. They were very durable systems, and even though people have long ago began to understand that the  gas  boiler is a better alternative the oil versions are still functioning and a lot of people do not see the necessity of changing out their boiler systems when they have a functioning system. You have probably heard the old adage of “if it is not broken then do not fix it.” Well these people believe that as long as their system is providing them with heated water they should leave well enough alone.

The people who believe like this do not realize that although their oil versions are working they are outdated and they are not working efficiently. It is costing the people burning oil almost twice as much in fuel as the people who have switched over to the newer more efficient  gas  boiler systems.

One reason you will burn more oil than you will  gas  is because oil does not burn as efficient. You have to use more of it to create the same effect. So the  gas  boiler automatically requires less fuel.

When the oil versions were invented there was a regulation put in place that said the boilers must be fifty to fifty-five percent efficient in their annual fuel use. In 1992 this regulation was changed to include the new  gas  boiler systems and they only have to be eighty percent effective at burning the fuel they use. That is right they are mandated to be twenty-five percent more effective at using the fuel they are provided.

Simply put oil is more expensive than  gas . You have to realize that in the past twenty-five years many improvements have been made on all appliances and all appliances now use less fuel and burn fuels that are less dangerous to the environment.  Gas  does not harm the ozone layer as badly with the emissions that are produced as oil does. We are all responsible for what we are doing to the economy.

There are some government programs that will help you to defer the cost of installing the new energy-efficient  gas  boiler systems. You should check into what government programs are available in your area to help you pay for the cost of converting your home over from oil to  gas .

You need a professional installer to install the new system so that you know everything is working properly. The problem with  gas  is that when it is burned it can emit carbon monoxide  gas . Carbon monoxide  gas  is deadly. You have to know that the system you have is installed correctly and that it is not filling the air your family breathes with a deadly  gas . So have the system professionally installed and every year have the professional return to do a systems check and all appropriate maintenance.

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