General guide to essay writing


Before joining a college, students often have no writing skills and experience to deal with many of the incoming assignments. They know what does essay paper, research paper or term paper means but they can’t do that kind of tasks themselves. They receive instructions of what they should do instead of how they should do it. When a student receives the assignments for the first time he gets the fundamental experience which will be the ground for the next assignments he will receive in future. The false methods of writing essay paper most likely will delay the delivery of your essay paper and the quality of your work will be dubious. Without knowing it, students learn not the way the essay paper should be written like but how you should avoid writing it. Every discipline has its own rules of writing and essay papers are the starting area for receiving the proper knowledge to ease the execution of the assignments that are much harder than essay papers. Students should follow tutor’s instructions but they have no idea what they should pay more attention or in what sequence they should write the material. Many students order professional help to insure top grades when they can’t write essay well by themselves and some spend hours on completing it again and again. For many students essay writing skills is not an important thing and they prefer to spend time on learning other subjects leaving the boring paper work for professional writers. Some students are very stubborn and will spend even nights for completing the essay task to prove that they can do it. However, the consequences of it are exhaustion, bad mood and weak sleep that will prevent you from effective education.

Before starting your essay task you should get as much information as you can get especially if it can reduce the time you spend on it and increase the quality. English essay writing will adhere to strict styles of writing as prescribed. Being a language based essay it is only fair to keep the choice of words, grammar, cohesion of sentences and the general flow of the essay at its best. In this article we provide you with general guide to essay writing which may help you easily improve your writing skills.

It has been noted that the structure of essay writing remains pretty similar across disciplines. Thus English essay writing will not be very different in the general structure from any other discipline’s essay. The first step would be to settle on the thesis statement of your essay. This is the subject matter of your writing. The key here is to keep the statement very specific and avoid ambiguity. Once you settle on the subject of study, plan how you want to write the paper. Make an outline of your study. Start with the introduction. This is basically your thesis statement expanded. Then you come to the body of your essay. This is where you provide a discussion of your argument. Start with a heading for each argument of discussion, sub heading and the major points for each argument of discussion. Then you come to the conclusion, this is where you summarize your discussion without being repetitive. You also take a stance which you can justify. Once you have noted down all aspects in the outline, you are now ready to write down your essay in close reference to the outline.

Once you have finished your English essay writing, re-read it to ensure you have captured everything you intended to. Any removal of unwanted sections or additions of what was omitted is done at this point. Proofread it to ensure the structure, grammar, cohesion and flow of ideas is to your expectations. Ensure to include any references that are cited in your essay in the prescribed format.

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