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What is Geotechnical Engineering?
Geotechnical engineering is a sub field of civil engineering, and it studies the process of analyzing, building and ways to retain structures built both above and beneath the earth. The work of a geotechnical engineers is to design and build dams, embankments, anchors, tunnels and other structures which are in direct contact with the soil. The assessment of risk caused by geological hazards like landslides and earthquakes is studied by Geotechnical engineers.
The principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics are used by the geotechnical engineers to understand the condition of the soil and rock beneath the surface; collect samples of the materials present; determine the physical and chemical properties of these materials; assess risks posed by the proposed site conditions and design works and structure the relevant foundations.

Geotechnical engineering is a multidisciplinary field and offers research and training possibilities to students studying physics, civil engineering, architectural engineering, marine engineering and other engineering disciplines concerned with the construction on the surface or below it. It is equally important in fields like military, mining and petroleum.

Why Students require help in Geotechnical Engineering assignment
The diversity in the subject makes it tough for students to grab good grades in it. Since the analytical methods of the yesteryear are being gradually replaced by numerical methods, it becomes difficult for students to understand the subject clearly. Hence to write a fine quality assignment on Geotechnical engineering, a Quality help is mandatory.
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