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The recruitment process widens the scope for selection and provides wide choice for the selection of best candidates out of many interested. Recruitment and selection need lengthy and scientific procedure particularly in the case of managerial posts. Such lengthy procedure must be followed for scientific selection of employees. Sources of recruitment are the outlets through which suitable candidates are available. The Following chart shows the sources of recruitment at supervisory and managerial levels. In the selection procedure, out of the available / interested candidates, the best one is selected through written test, psychological tests, personal interview and medical examination. Such lengthy procedure is followed in order to select the most suitable candidate. Selection process is a screening process. It is a type of hurdle race to the candidates. Final selection is possible only when the candidate completes this hurdle race successfully. Lengthy selection procedure is needed for scientific selection of candidates.

Steps involved in the selection procedure are :-1. Job Analysis : job analysis prepares proper background for recruitment and selection. It gives details of a job to be performed and the human qualities and qualifications required for performing that job efficiently. Scientific selection is possible only when it is made in the light of the details available from job analysis. Job means an activity performed in one or the other department of a business unit. A job includes various positions. Clear and detailed understanding of the job is called job analysis or job study. 2. Though quite costly, it provides a wide choice as it attracts large number of candidates from all over the country. 3. Collection of Applications Blanks : In this step, applications with necessary details are collected from interested candidates. 4. Scrutiny of Applications Received : After the last date fixed for the receipt of applications, officer from the personnel department starts the scrutiny of applications received.

Incomplete applications are normally rejected. Applicants, who do not possess required qualifications, experience, etc., are also rejected. Along with this, the certificates, testimonials and references are checked. 5. Written Tests : After the scrutiny of applications, a final list of candidates for written tests is prepared. The purpose of such tests is to judge the knowledge of the candidate and also to find out his :-1. 5. Suitability for a specific job. It is also possible to reject candidates whose performance in such written tests is not up to the mark. Testing of candidates is a lengthy process particularly when the number of applicants is large. In such testing, the process of elimination can be introduced. For example, all candidates may be invited for the first test and’ the candidates with poor performance in the first test need not be called for the second test. Psychological Tests : The psychological tests given to candidates include the following tests :-1.

Personal Interview : The candidates who have shown reasonably good performance in the written examination and psychological tests are called for personal interview. Interview technique is used extensively for the selection of managerial posts. This interview is conducted by one interviewer or by a group of interviewers including top officers of the company and other professional experts. The candidate is asked various questions about his qualifications, experience, family background and performance in the written test and psychological tests by the interviewers during the course of the interview. In this final interview, an attempt is made to judge overall personality of the candidate. The selection committee notes the plus and minus points of every candidate and selects the best candidates for appointment by applying certain uniform norms. Here, ‘short-listing of candidates’ is done for final selection as per the need of the organisation. The final selection depends partly on the performance of the candidate in the tests and also on the performance in the personal interview. Reference Check : The candidate is required to give at least two references which may be :-1.

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