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Sample essay can be a very good tool and making sure that the papers you are to submit to your teachers will gain positive remarks. Contrary to what others are thinking, having sample essay will not bring any negative aftermaths. There is a number of myths that have sprouted against the use of any sample essay of the students. Some of them are:
1. Sample essay will result to lazy students because the students will just copy or imitate what is in the sample essay.
This is entirely untrue. In fact, with sample essay, students will be inspired to work harder. Once they realized that a good paper can be written out of just one simple topic (as shown in the sample essay) they will then be more eager to work on their own. They will have something to look forward to. They will be thinking that they, too, can make a good paper or even better than the sample they got.
2. Sample essay will just encourage students not to think anymore because the ideas are already presented in the sample.
There is no clear evidence for this thought. Once the students read the sample essay they have had accessed to, their minds will start thinking of more ideas they can present aside from those given in the sample essay. The natural competitive side of human being will be awakened and so the students who have the sample essay would strive hard to present more ideas than the sample essay has. This then will prove that through the sample essay, the students are in fact encouraged to think and strive harder for their own good.
3. Sample essay gives all the resources or references thus the students will just use the same resources and idea of resourcefulness is not put to good use.
This is false. Digging for a good sample essay has already stimulated the resourcefulness of the students. It is not very easy to find a quality sample essay, the one that can be used for the topic or the one that is fit for the required output. Thus, if a student was able to find very useful sample essays he/she has just become really ingenious.
In the same manner, students have the tendency to compare and contrast the resources given in the sample essay or essay sample. They will assess whether or not it can be used to their own essays. They will verify if the dates of the references are updated and they would always try to find newer articles or journals relative to their topic. This again underpins the idea of being resourceful.
Demystifying the Truth about Sample Essays
These are just few of the main myths that are presented against having sample essay or essay sample. These myths can be argued against because there is really no truth or existing evidence that can be claimed to point out its validity. What can just be justified here is that having sample essays will not just help the students cope with their daily writing requirements but also attend to other activities they have long taken for granted.
But as stated previously, finding a good free sample essay is also very hard and sometimes it takes time to find non-plagiarized one. Students who need a sample essay would have to dig through libraries and thousands of online websites but the most appropriate sample essays can be very limited. It is for this reason that some students are having second thoughts on whether or not to find a sample essay first or just brave the paths and start writing on their own essay without any clear idea on how to go with it.
This time, students don’t need to have any second thoughts about having sample essay or essay sample. Our company is here to give you the most appropriate, suited and useful sample essay for any writing topic you may have in mind. With our company, you are assured that you will not waste time, energy and even money digging for sample essay which in the end is not even related nor useful for you.
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