Getting Paid For Writing Articles Online


Working from home is a lure for many these days as they face the brunt of global melt down. When people are insecure about their career prospects, making money online by writing comes as a boon. The easiest way to make money writing online is to approach content companies. There are many companies which provide the best opportunities for working from home. But finding the legitimate companies would be a Herculean task for the job seeker since he can lose track in the midst of the scam wasteland.

Finding the right web site is the primary step for anybody interested in making money writing from home. The companies will pay you according to the word limit of your articles apart from sharing their revenues. Some companies pay you an amount for every 1000 people who read your article. This revenue sharing platform can be powerful if you write articles about current topics of common interest.

The following steps can be followed to make money writing from home. Selecting a hot topic which is of common interest is the key factor to get paid for writing profusely. There are many sites where you can find thousands of products that you can promote. Debt, credit, foreclosures, weight loss, stress management, working from home etc are popular niches. There are many evergreen topics also. According to your interest and expertise choose the one that fits you.

The next step is to write twenty keyword-rich articles. Key words are the phrases which the web surfers type into a search engine like Google to find related content on the web. You have to repeat the keyword in an article a certain number of times so that it will have a certain key word density.

Getting a web presence is the next major step to get paid for writing online. This can either be a free blog or a paid presence. Once it is done, you should load all of your articles on your site along with the product you are promoting. It is important to make sure that the product appears on every page of your site along side your key word rich articles.

After getting your site ready with its unique content, ie the twenty articles you have written write one article per day and submit it to article directories. You can find thousands of them on the web. Either submit them manually or use an article submission service that submits to thousands with just one click for you.

If you want to get paid for writing abundantly working from home you should become an SEO Copy writer. If you learn the ins and outs of SEO Copy writing you can quickly and easily make money with article marketing. The internet marketers who write eBooks, likes the ones you will find on Clickbank and those who make money from affiliate marketing. Their secret is that they know SEO- Search Engine Optimization. SEO writers are paid to write copy for their websites, article marketing campaigns, blogs etc. You have the possibility of getting paid for writing as an SEO producing your own products and by writing for other clients.


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