Chris Pirillo If you have just bought yourself a new laptop computer then you will probably just be getting used to being able to use it anywhere in the house. That’s the beauty of portable equipment – it can be used in any room, even the garden, meaning that you are not tied to a certain part of your home. You will soon get used to the freedom that a laptop computer offers and before long will be looking to gain access to the internet from whichever part of the house you happen to be in. This is where wireless technology comes in, but for this you will need to invest in a wireless router. This piece of kit works by transmitting the broadband signal that is being supplied by way of your phone line, through the air instead. Your laptop computer will be able to pick up the signal that is being transmitted by the router and you will easily be able to gain access to the internet. Of course, you don’t want the broadband signal that you’ve paid for being transmitted for just anyone to connect to. There are a wide range of wireless routers available on the market and the price will depend on the features you are looking for. When you are looking for networking products such as wireless routers make sure you go through professional firms that have decades of experience helping people find the right electrical products.

And a nightcap was cheap and helped her to sleep. And Tina needed sleep. Since Harry, her husband of 24 years died, the days had been miserable. She had a sense that something else bad was about to happen. Maybe her 14-year-old twin daughters would be abducted on the way to the bus stop. Maybe the bus would be in a horrible crash and they would be killed. Added to her constant worry was an irritability born of dealing with teenagers. She used to be able to put up with the twins playing music too loud, talking on the phone too long, and squabbling among themselves. Now the least thing set her off. With taking care of them, worrying about what was going to happen, and getting no sleep at night, it was no wonder that Tina complained of being tired all the time. Tina’s friends told her that she needed something to do. They urged her to take any kind of job to get her out of the house while the girls were in school.

“Get out of the house? ” she would say. She did not tell them that she had gotten to where she hated to drive. Why, one day just last week she pulled over when she found herself gasping for air. When she stopped, she felt her heart pounding. Her palms were so sweaty she was losing her grip on the steering wheel. She thought she was dying of a heart attack. That frightening episode sent Tina to the doctor. She was so nervous driving to the therapist’s office that she thought she would have to turn around and go home. Traffic was tied up at the bridge. She dreaded crossing bridges to start with (and there were a lot of bridges in the coastal Florida community where Tina lived). Lately she had wondered how safe those bridges were, and if they might not collapse just as she reached the top. A part of her was able to see that her fear was ridiculous. After all, she had lived here all of her life and bridge had never collapsed. But maybe that’s why it will collapse with her on it, she worried.

Maybe it’s about time for them all to crumble and fall into the river. The bad part was that there was nothing that Tina could do to avoid bridges. Not in this town. You had to cross a bridge of some sort to get most anyplace. The normal tension that Tina felt got worse every time she crossed one of the larger bridges. She felt a sense of panic as she approached these dreaded structures. When she asked her family physician for something to help her sleep, he said he would consider it, but not until she went to a psychologist. If a therapist thought medication was advisable, Tina could get a referral back to him or on to a psychiatrist. The doctor believed Tina might be suffering from an anxiety disorder, and if so, several medications could be considered. Tina was the fourth child in a family of six. Her family was poor, but not poverty-stricken. Her father was a laborer and her mother worked out of the home cleaning houses.

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