Get help for Golden Gate University MGT 179 Week 3 Quiz. 3M, an american firm, manufactures adhesive tapes in St. Paul Minnesota, and ships the tapes to South Korea for sale. According to this information, which of the following is being done by 3m? Which of the following statements is most likely to be true regarding the adverse effects of FDI on the host country. When a foreign subsidiary sends its profits to its home country, it results in the depletion of gold reserves of the host country. Which of the following is the aim of the Central American Free Trade Agreement? Which of the following is a feature of a common market? Which of the following statements is true about import quotas? Import quotas benefit consumers by decreasing the domestic price of an imported good. Which of the following groups benefits the most from the imposition of tariffs? Which of the following statements is true about voluntary export restraints (VERs)?
When imports are limited to a low percentage of the market by a VER, the price is bid up for that limited foreign supply. VERS negatively affect domestic producers by increasing import competition. Which of the following is a trade policy instrument that the GATT and WTO have been most successful in limiting? Which of the following indicates the difference between the GATT and WTO? Which of the following are significant trade blocs in Europe? Which of the following requires that some specific fraction of a good must be produced domestically? Which of the following best indicates the motive for foreign funds to engage in dumping? Obtaining subsidies from the importing country. The WTO’s Agreement on which of the following is an attempt to narrow the gaps in the way intellectual property rights are protected around the world and to bring them under common international rules? Which of the following are bureaucratic rules designed to make it difficult for imports to enter a country? What is the “infant industry argument”? What are its implications for the world economy? What are the criticisms of this argument? Outline the relationship between economies of scale, first-mover advantages and the patter of trade as indicated by new trade theory. What are the political arguments for government intervention into international trade?
It’s not a sure road to success but it’s the only one. You’ll never know if you’ll get anywhere you’re yearning to be until you travel it. Now sit down and write your tight niche piece. Make sure it is clear and understandable and delivers on all its promises. Cover your niche topic in a way that leaves readers wanting more without failing to answer the questions that may have drawn them to your page. There are no teasers allowed in this club. Don’t worry about anything but the craftsmanship at this point. Make the photographs beautiful. Check your grammar and read your work aloud to be sure it will sound good in other people’s inner voices. I can’t answer what this is going to be for you. It has to be what makes you passionate not what makes me passionate. You can’t write my passions as well as you can write yours. For me, it’s feeling.
If I can connect with what another writer feels, no matter the emotion, I will love the piece if it’s written in a topic I care about. If a writer translates his ecstatic joy or profound grief or rage or fascination or pride into words I can understand, I will love the piece. An ability to share intense emotions can even transcend topics to the point I sometimes enjoy pieces in topics I don’t even care about. Sometimes understatement works better than emotionally charged language to convey emotions. Sometimes spelling out the right facts in the right way can have a greater emotional impact than gut-wrenching prose. Don’t forget that what goes on in the reader’s head is a part of the piece’s impact. By this point you will probably know what makes you feel when you see it. Keep working until you see it in your writing. Give your readers credit; they are smart and they came to the page to feel something.


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