Google’s presence is completely saturated in the lives of U.S. citizens today.  Nearly every American has access to the internet, and Google serves as the primary gateway to its navigation.  In order to continue a growth trajectory, Google has no choice but to expand into international markets.  The tech giant had a significant foothold in China nearly a decade ago, when it pulled out completely due to state-mandated censorship. This paper will explore Google’s major international endeavors, its challenges, and its current outlook.

Outline: Google in China

  1. Why Google left the Chinese market in 2010
    1. Google has no suitable leader in China
    2. China’s policies and regulations are different, making Google unable to adapt
    3. Many Google search content is illegal in China.
  2. Google’s challenges in the Chinese market.
  3. Google and Baidu competition.
  4. What other content,,,

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