Graduation has become a basic qualification that everyone should possess but the cost of  graduate   school  is pretty high. The only way you can wade through this is via  graduate  student loans. The money you obtain via scholarships is only a part of the solution. There is still a major amount that you need to complete your graduation. You can avail federal loans and private loans for the same.

A federal loan is given by the government and carries no interest during the  schooling  period and for nearly six to nine months thereafter. This deferment period is to help the students get adequate time to get a  good  job and settle down in their new after- graduation life. There are also options to defer the same even further if the student decides to go in for higher qualification.

They can be availed by both the parents and students. While millions have benefited by this program, there are still several problems associated with the same:

1)The federal loans have a lot of paperwork associated with them. It is a real hassle to wade through all these papers and documents.

2)You really have to answer a lot of questions satisfactorily before you can even be considered for this program.

3)You have to prove your financial need when you apply for this program. If you cannot adequately prove it, you may either not receive the full benefit of this program or you may not get the loan at all.

A private loan is given by private lending companies. Their terms are not so favorable as federal loans. Still people require the same as not everyone qualifies for federal loans. Even those who qualify may not be able to get the entire amount of money they require from the state loans.  Graduate  student loans are very important in everyone life. So, take them carefully and use them wisely.


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