In a most basic language, “Grapho-Therapy” means change your handwriting change your life! It is the science of improving your personality by manual changes in your handwriting. Professionally applied, Grapho-Therapy can correct your worst faults and strengthen your character by simply changing how you write!

But how, you may ask, can the alteration of one’s handwriting affect his character? To understand the whole complex process, it is necessary first to be aware of what takes place when you write. The act of writing is movement – a series of gestured involving rhythm, speed, pressure, direction, etc. handwriting itself captures and holds on paper the slightest motor impulse of the writer with the many contributing factors which enter into it. We do not write with the hand alone, but with brain, muscles and nerves which in turn react to conscious, subconscious and emotional stimuli. Handwriting is referred to by many as “brain-writing”.

Thus it follows reason that how we move(and write) must reflect our physical, mental and emotional states. Handwriting explains why, although as children we are taught to form letters according to established pattern, each of us develops his own peculiarly individual script. It also explains the incredible diversity of handwriting. No two people’s script are exactly the same. An American statistician determined that the possibility of two writing being identical is once chance in 68 trillion.

Grapho-Therapy is particularly effective with children, because their handwriting (like their character) is in a formative stage. This makes it a perfect time to begin correcting undesirable traits and tendencies. But it is never too late, and even stubborn cases in adults will respond positively.

Handwriting Analysis has grown from the reasoning that since handwriting comes from the subconscious-that mysterious force which dominates each of us but which, in turn, is highly susceptible to suggestion. In effect, when we voluntarily undertake changing a stroke in our handwriting through repetitive exercise, we are sending a powerful suggestion to the subconscious affecting the corresponding character. If we persist, the order is always obeyed, thus the most remarkable results occur! Just as the subconscious mind affects handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind.

Our handwriting can reinforce our bad habits, or we can choose to use it to modify or even eliminate them!


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