Great Gatsby illusion and reality


Great Gatsby illusion and reality

The novel, ‘The Great Gatsby,’ which is written after the Second World War. It talks of a young millionaire by the name Jay Gatsby who has the dream and desires to marry a young and beautiful woman daisy Buchanan who was her ex-romantic lover. Daisy is the wife millionaire Tom Buchanan a very brutal character. This paper looks at the illusion that Gatsby depicts and the realities, which are revealed throughout the novel.

Gatsby thinks that he can have Daisy Buchanan as her wife. He does this by telling her that he has a lot of money to sustain her. He tries to do this by throwing big parties and inviting the Buchanan family, thinking that in the parties, there is no privacy, and so he can approach Daisy with ease. He used to consol herself and kept asking himself this question, ‘you can’t reiterate the history? Of course it is possible (Fitzgerald, F. Scott 16-18).’ The reality that Gatsby did not understand is that no one can change or bring back what has already happened in the past. He also did not understand that love is not bought of riches and you cannot fool a person to love you because you have money (Fulghum, 34-36). This is brought about by the terms ‘“I look forward to she’ll be deceived, that’s the finest thing a girl can be in this humanity, a gorgeous modest fool.” Of course referring to Daisy.

Jay Gatsby changed his name James Gatz, in order to fool himself and others of his identity and background. He acts like a tycoon by furnishing his house with silvers and gold, which he assumes, will illustrate his wealth. He even tries to associate with strangers in order for him to think of his past and the strange things that have happened to him in the past. The true reality of this is that one can never forget what has happened in his/her past. Not even changing names and associating with other people who have different lives as yours. This is revealed after Gatsby is shot and killed in his swimming pool by a simple mechanic who thought that Gatsby killed his wife. This shows the kind of person Gatsby is and the kind of people that belongs to his social class and he cannot change that (Bloom, Harold. F, 342-349).

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