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Note: The video will open in a new window. Click on the Play button to view it. The video includes audio, so make sure you are using a computer with sound capabilities. After viewing the Enterprise Rent-A-Car video, how would you answer the following questions? • What practices at Enterprise Rent-A-Car demonstrate that they value their employees? How does the corporate culture of Enterprise motivate and empower employees? • What is the relationship between a motivated work force and a company’s bottom line? 1. Question : How did U.S. Give examples to support your answers. Question 2. Question : What are some of the operations management practices that can help bring manufacturing back to the U.S? How can a focus on quality improve manufacturing? Question 3. Question : How can lean manufacturing and near-sourcing help a company gain a competitive edge and prepare for the future? Question 4. Question : List your references according to APA guidelines in the space below. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your viewpoint, and this source can be the textbook.

When it comes to the Internet, nothing is ever really forgotten and everything leaves a trail. This can be good or bad for business. These data trails can be used by companies to find who has been stealing their trade secrets—or to bust you if you are the thief. They can show who is working and who is goofing off. They can tell vendors who their online customers are and allow them to make better decisions and more money. This information is extraordinarily valuable, and there are laws that require companies to produce it, and do it right now. Before the Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco scandals, the legal rules for retaining communication records said only that a company had to be consistent. A company couldn’t, for example, keep all e-mails except those having to do with a hostile takeover or a case under litigation. If the company’s policy was to erase all old e-mails once a year or once a month, that was okay, as long as the policy was in writing and was strictly followed.

Enron, for example, wiped its e-mail slate clean every 72 hours, which is hardly a surprise. Today the rules have changed. Public and many private companies have to keep a copy of written communication of every type (letters, e-mails, even Internet instant messages) for up to seven years. These copies have to be kept in a form that allows their authenticity to be verified, whatever that may mean. Not only that, but companies must keep a second copy of every message in a different location in case of fire or natural disaster. The second copies must be on nonerasable storage media, such as optical disks. And if the SEC asks you to provide a copy of any given document or every given document, you have until close of business today to do it. If the organization is a healthcare organization, an insurance company, or even a human resources department, the rules are even stricter. Companies that aren’t public companies, don’t engage in healthcare, or have no human resources department aren’t off the hook, because these requirements are becoming the accepted standards for all companies.

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