We are proud to represent the prime example of an online essay writing service. Zest. We are on this market because we are keen on academic writing. Guarantees. Frankly speaking, we pay little attention to how our colleagues from competing companies work. We have little interest in their procedures and the guarantees they give. We are more focused on providing top-level services to make our customers happy with our work. This is why we do not give guarantees that we could not keep. We do guarantee: originality. When we are writing an essay, we take care that it is 100% original. Not only do we strictly follow the rule against plagiarizing other people’s work. We also stay aware about incidental plagiarism that may sometimes occur without any such intention from the side of the author. This is why we take the necessary precautions against such misfortunes. We run all our writings through multiple plagiarism-checking programs to ensure their originality.

We realize that the assignment that you were given comes with a strict deadline. We understand that an urgent essay is only worth the effort when it is delivered on time. We also understand that you cannot explain to your professor that you have missed the deadline because of the online writing service. Therefore, when we do not allow such misfortunes and take an order from a client, we assume full responsibility for its timely completion. Once you have paid for your order and received your essay, it immediately becomes your exclusive intellectual property. Nor our company, neither your essay helper will have claim over it. The writings and all rights to it are all yours in their entirety. It should go without saying, but we would still like to mention this here so that it was set in stone. Even though we are no longer students ourselves, we keep an eye on the format requirements of the schools.

Telling you the truth, some of us are practicing college professors who actually advise students as to the style and format of college papers to be submitted. So, we can boast possessing the information about the academic writing requirements first hand. Our writers are actually used to following them to the point of automation. We realize that different people can have different attitudes toward custom writing. This is why we never share any information about our clients with any third party, under no circumstances. Nobody will know about our cooperation. Unless, of course, you would like to share some feedback about our work by writing us a brief review or testimonial. Additional services. We enjoy every aspect of our work. Therefore, we shall not refuse a client who wants the writing done partly – for example, refining your drafts. We also won’t turn our noses up at doing such jobs as proofreading, editing, marking, commenting, and even simple, friendly advice. We are a fast essay writing service, but it is not all what we want to be.

We therefore conceive of angle writers as people who are willing to submit themselves to a rigid discipline, and who are prepared to impose such a discipline on their environment. They are reliable, firm, steadfast, and imperturbable, but they are also dull, heavy, brutal, not to be stopped. Principles are more important to him than individual considerations, the method often more important than the result; his aim is reason, not ‘humaneness,’ not practicality or feasibility. As a letter connection the angle is circumstantial, a geometrical drawing or technical structure, rather than a connecting link. It reaches “heights” and “depths.” An angle can rarely be “microscopic”; a certain minimum height is indispensable to produce an angle, whereas a garland and even an arcade may be “stretched and flattened” almost to a thread. The angle writer cannot relax, unbend; he must be active to feel well; without the right occupation, he becomes querulous.

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