Get help for Strayer-University HUM 112 . How did Birmingham Police Chief Bull Conner respond to the April 1963 mass demonstration by children? Why did the government continue to fund building the F-111 fighter bomber even though it was declared obsolete? How does the narrator in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man end up living in an underground hole in Harlem? What did the college students involved in the 1960s antiwar movement want school administrations to do? How did performance-piece artist Eleanor Antin explore gender definitions and construction? Why did the Chinese government demand Zhang Hongtu’s painting Bird’s Nest, in the Style of Cubism be removed from China? In his graffiti-inspired Charles the First and other works, why does Jean-Michel Basquiat include a crown? Why did African painter Chris Ofili support The Holy Virgin Mary on two balls of elephant dung? What does David P. Bradley expose in his painting Indian Country Today?

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