Get help Kaplan-University MT 217 Unit 1 Quiz. That there is no fixed payment obligation. The dividends are tax deductible for issuing corporation. Voting rights which permit selection of the firm’s directors. 6. Which of the following is not example of an agency problem? A stockholder picks mutual funds with a high expense ratio for an investor. A book keeper hired from temp agency miss-keys several large transactions. The general managers trade an outfielder batting 450 in exchange for his wife’s nephew. Your general practioner recommends a specialist with a tremor to perform your survey. The CEO has a museum constructed to house the oil company’s collection of French impressionist paintings. Benefit society, even if shareholders do not materially prosper. Produce the most technologically advanced products. 8. What type of business entity is most independent of its owner, the shareholders? 10. Which of the following is not an example of a situation in which asymmetric information is present? A business owner applies for a loan at a bank and must disclose information about the project to be funded by the loan. Your friend attempts to purchase an auto insurance contract. You purchase one pound of ground beef at the local supermarket. You consider what topics to study for a marketing quiz next week. All of the above feature asymmetric information.

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