For the second assignment, your task will be to read various scenarios associated with material for Chapters 11 and 12 and answer the questions provided.

1. Read scenario # 3 – Software as a Service on page 225. Answer the three questions in the scenario. (6 points)

2. Read scenario # 2 – Classic Car Problems on page 232. When you have finished, please prepare your concise proposal described. (10 points)

3. Read scenario # 8 – Lively’s Home Cooking Catering on page 235. When you have finished, please answer each question completely. (15 points)

3. Answer the following question: As a customer, how does CRM affect you on a daily basis? Provide at least 2-3 specific examples. Are you in support of the goals/objectives of CRM? Why or Why not. (5 points)

4. Each question should be prepared by using a single MS Word document, with each Case/Question clearly labeled. Each question should be answered concisely. Remember – quality is more important than quantity and more efficient in the business environment. I want you to think outside the box and use your own creativity as you complete this assignment. This should not be an opportunity to simply read and repeat what is already presented in the text.

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