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The culture of the MULLAI cab service organisation will include the expectations, experiences, objectives, values, interactions among the stakeholders, attitudes, origins, beliefs and ideas. All these parts are small parts that have contributed to create the culture in the MULLAI cabs organisation. The objectives of the employees are a major part of the culture in the organisation. The objectives of the employees provide motivation for the employees to work in the cab service organisation. And the objectives and goals that have been set by the organisation also motivate the employees to work. And the organisational culture will also help to keep the standards of the work and standards of the business conducted by MULLAI cab service. The drivers who working in the organisation will be adapted to the culture where road rules are followed and no ethics are violated while being on the road. An international trade has been described as a contract which exchanges the goods and services between the different countries.

The international trade opportunities and the trade contracts such as European Union allows the investors and manufactures in the UK to sell their products in the international markets which will not be necessary without the support of the trade. One of the main advantages that the businesses and people in the UK have received is the ability to buy products and services that were produced in other foreign countries. The foreign investment opportunities, participation of the global economy and improved performance of the economy has been brought to UK as benefits of the international trades with the European countries. One of the examples for the trades is the World Trade Organisation which was created in 1995 and has developed the trade activity regulations and trade understandings among the countries. With the European trade agreements, UK has been able to become a supplier of services to the Europe and other international markets without being limited to the home country. These services include the service delivery sectors such as banking, insurance, and foreign money exchange services as the main services.

The large service providers such as HSBC bank in UK provide banking facilities to companies in Europe which helps UK in development of the economy and to receive foreign money which will be beneficial for economic development. The cab services are associated with large costs and most of the costs are incurred by the gas prices. All the vehicles that are running in the organisation require the use of petrol or diesel as the fuel for the vehicle engine. Therefore the inflation in the gas prices will impact the business operation in cab service organisations. The gas prices keep increasing in the global markets as fuel resources are deficient. Therefore the increase of gas prices will cause more costs for cab services. And the companies will not be able to get merged with other cab service companies if the merger will create a monopoly in the market. According to the fair trade policies and the fair service policies, the cab services organisations will need to be fair and honest when their charges are displayed to the customers and services are provided to them.

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