There are many sources of air and water pollution. With the right choices made daily, we can help reduce the rise in both air and water pollution. To cut back on air pollution, people can opt to use public transport more. This is because with fewer cars being driven, less gas is emitted to the air. Choosing to walk or ride bicycles when covering short distances is another way to reduce air pollution.

One of the worst ways to pollute the air is by burning coal to generate electricity. Contaminated with both thorium and radioactive uranium, these particles once released go up the smokestack. A solution to this is to put up smoke filters in cars and electric power plants. When lead was taken out of gasoline following a legalized ban, the average amounts of lead in bloodstreams has drastically fallen.

Water pollution can be reduced in three ways. If we all began using products that are less harmful to the environment, then eventually we will be aiding in reducing pollution. Toxic products are eventually washed into oceans, seas, lakes and rivers when it rains. So next time you want to pour harmful chemicals sown the drain, remember it’s a cycle and eventually it turns back to you!

The other means of preventing water contamination is to go green! Avoid letting oil from your car drip by proper maintenance of your vehicle and do not use toxic fertilizers. As for the house, do not flush down the toilet items that are not bio-degradable. Combine these three with proper sensitization and we shall have clean water for generations to come.

The less we pollute our water and air, the easier we make it for the natural systems that the earth has to clean itself to do so.



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