How do I configure my gradebook? How can I setup custom grades? Can I group the students in my gradebook? How do I setup grading categories? How can I weight grade categories? How can I add assignments? How do I add assignments while in the gradebook? How do I access my gradebook? How do I view and change assignment information? Can I automatically fill in points or grades for an assignment? How can I award extra credit? How do I enter grades for an assignment? What if a student is exempt from completing the assignment? How do I add notes to an assignment’s grade? How do I enter notes to a student? How do I print my gradebook? What reports can I view about my gradebooks? How do I see grades for students that have transfered into or out of my class? How do I print Progress Reports? How can I review grades I may have changed?

How can I configure each gradebook separately? How do I access my gradebook? You can Add an Assignment from this screen, as well as from Gradebook Assignments under Grades. The main difference is that by adding an assignment in Gradebook Categories & Assignments, you are able to change the marking period to which it is being assigned. You do not have this option from within the Add an Assignment in the Gradebook. Add a Test shown in the image above is available through Focus LMS. How the Gradebook Looks. Your Gradebook, like every other feature in Focus, offers views that are customizable. If you selected colors for your assignment categories, the assignment column heading will display the color making it easier to distinguish the category the assignment belongs to. If you selected groups, you’ll see a column to assign groups. To view students that have dropped your course during the current marking period, check the box “Include Inactive Students,” the inactive students appear with a gray highlight. This allows teachers to enter grades that might not have been put in the gradebook prior to the student leaving the class.

You can view only a single assignment or all assignments, as well as by category or by totals. Use the pull-down menu at the upper left to change which assignments you view or the arrow and text button to the right to determine whether you see all assignments or only the first nine. If you select Totals from the pull-down menu, you will see various totals for each student by category (tests, assignmnets, class participation, etc.), as well as overall total points and weighted GPA. FIle Upload shown in the image above is available through Focus LMS. Notice that, no matter how far down you scroll, the assignment column label remains visible, while the left-hand student column similarly remains visible no matter how far to the right you scroll. These features mean you never need to scroll around the gradebook merely to keep track of which student grade or assignment you’re entering. Once you enter your first set of grades for the first assignment in the gradebook and save them (gradebook auto-saves every five seconds), the gradebook will display a running total of each student’s averages across all assignments.

This average is displayed as both a percentage and a grade, unless you’ve chosen to display only letter grades for this particular course in the Gradebook Configuration. Student scores that appear as light gray are scores that have been dropped for the student’s final grade, if you setup this feature in Gradebook Assignments. To view an individual student’s record, click on the student’s name in the far left column. This brings up both a summary of that student’s overall performance by percentage, by grade, by scores, and by category, as well as views of each assignment. When weighted categories are used, you can also see these on the student screen, with the total score for each category, along with the overall cumulative for the combined weighted grades. You can update the student grades and add comments directly from the student screen by clicking above the dotted blue lines. To leave the individual student’s record, click on the red X in the upper right hand corner next to the student’s bold-faced name, which will return you to the full gradebook.

How do I view and change assignment information? To view the parameters of an assignment, hover your mouse over the i symbol in the assignment column heading. The pop-up that appears displays the title, points, assigned and due dates, a description of the assignment, the average grade received and the range of scores for the assignment. To edit or delete an assignment, simply click thei symbol and make the necessary changes to the assignment, remember to click the save button. To delete an assignment, click the Delete Assignment button in the upper right. A pop-up box appears warning the teacher that grades have been entered for this assignment and they will be deleted, check the box I understand and agree, and click Delete Assignment. How do I automatically fill in points or grades for an assignment? The Focus Gradebook lets you automatically assign credit to all students by default when you create an assignment, or assign a value to ungraded assignments by editing the assignment. To assign full credit by default, create an assignment and in the auto-fill text box, enter the point value you think most students will receive on the assignment.

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