1 person found this useful Will doing more homework help students do better on exams? In my opinion studying is much more effective.. Homework helps you to better understand the work from class. Best advice: do your homework, and you don’t have to worry about hiding the fact that you didn’t do it. Instead of putting your efforts into not doing your homework, you cou…ld put your efforts into actually doing it. It’s much better for you in the long run. Homework may be tedious at times, but hey, that’s life. I was doing my homework when i came across these questions and i was wondering if you could help? Probably we can, but not always in time for homework tomorrow. Share to: How does homework help you? Homework helps you learn the lessons taught in school, to beresponsible, and to develop study habits. Share to: Does lying down doing homework really help?

So long as you don’t fall asleep, any position that helps you actually finish your work will help. Share to: How do you get out of doing homework? You don’t “get out of” doing your work — you can decide to take the bad grade, maybe to fail for the year, but you don’t get out of doing it. There is no way to “get out” of …doing it. If you are willing to take the bad grade and maybe stay in the same class for years, just don’t do it. When I answer a WikiAnswers question am I doing anything more than helping kids cheat on homework? Share to: Does doing your homework every night help or keep your grade? Homework has a significant role on your overall grades. But it may differ on how your teachers are. To keep up with your class and always keep high grade scores I suggest you …do your homework. How does not doing homework help you? Well, you get extra time to relax and you aren’t under pressure to meet certain deadlines. It will give you practice for your future of being out of work from low paying jobs…. How is homework helpful? Homework gives you practice and helps you learn the material betterso you can make better grades. Share to: Is homework helpful? Depends on who you’re asking. Me, I think it’s helpful practice. Share to: Does listening to music while doing homework help you concentrate?

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