8 (see photo below) which tells the computer to divide the number in Cell C to its left by the number in cell C8. Format in the Title Bar).and click once to get the drop down box (see photo 2 below). Click on the 10.12% to select the un-rounded percent option. STEP 6 – CALCULATE STUDENT’S LETTER GRADE IN COLUMN E – (see photo below) Place the mouse pointer in Cell E10 and click and enter the following formula in Cell E10. 1 Click on the down arrow on the Sum button on the Button Bar above and select the IF statement and build the formula using the layout that comes with the function. Let me explain how the formula above has been constructed. Second it is imperative that we separate the end of the test, the true statement and the false statement each with a coma. Third if we are using letters or alpha characters in out test or our answers that we identify them by putting double quotation marks on either side of them.

This formula is placed in Cell E10 and looks to the number found in the cell immediately to its left. Once you have completed writing and checking the formula in Cell E10 hit ENTER to save it in the cell. The grade book is now complete and should look like the sample below except that yours will have your students’ names and scores. Since I teach college courses, I set up my spreadsheet with just one final score for each student in each course I teach. If you teach K-12 you may want to create a spreadsheet for each subject or class for each grading period. Because it can take some time to create this spreadsheet, I have made a practice of re-using the same sheet by copying it. Finally, for back up you can export or download the spreadsheet from Google to your home and/or office computer. The downloaded copy can be in the form of a MS Excel file, an OpenOffice Spreadsheet file, a CSV file format or PDF format.

This is great and appreciate your putting it up. Given the collaborative nature of Google Docs, have you found a way to securely share each student’s grade with them — and only them. For example, can you share Row 2 with Student 2, Row 3 with Student 3, etc? Purple Perl – Thanks for your comment and for the link. I have linked this article on my Great Expectations Blog. This is a great hub, and very useful for teachers! It always helps to find new ways to use technology, and the fact that Google offers them for free makes them that much more useful for teachers! That’s a great idea you have given and explained so well. This is very useful for teachers to be sure. I never would never had thought of using google for this. Like you, I’ve used spreadsheets – Lotus 123, QuattroPro and Excel – for my gradebooks. The instructions you give for the Google Docs spreadsheet are very close, if not exactly, to Excel so it’s no problem applying them to the Google Doc. As you point out, the advantage is that they’re available anywhere. Thanks for some good ideas. Spreadsheets are great. Too bad teacheer education does not include teaching of computers and technolgy. I have developed an attendance tracking for a teacher who needed one that would track attendance, parent participation, and the days they took snacks and or milk. I was able to combine several different paper data sjeets into one spreadsheet and gave them monthly, semester and years totals for their reports. I will have to check out Google Doc. Thanks for the great Hub page and information. Your directions should be easy to follow for any one. I hope teachers see this and try it.

Be sure to include at least one reference from a reliable source. Because many of the concepts here involve reading from the textbook, remember to include a reference for your textbook, as well. Make sure your citations are presented in APA format. Proofread your work carefully. Use Standard American English, and make sure your presentation is grammatically correct and does not contain spelling errors. Strive to display exceptional content, organization, style and mechanics. For your pictures or building plan drawings, collectively they should cover no more than a quarter of the page. Use 12 – 14 point font size, with normal margins. Use bullet points if appropriate. 91,000 there are 160 people working on the first shift, 70 people working on the second shift, and 30 people working on the third shift. Answer parts 1 through 5 about the fundraiser. 300,000 budget from the city to build a new park. 400 square feet. The specifications requires 60,000 ft2 of flower tree gardens 15,000 ft2 of playground equipments; 30,000 ft2 of walkways , and 90,000 ft2 of walways, and 90,000 ft 2 of open green space. 3. Use the line graph to the right to determine the following . 10 % from 2002 to 2008, determine if the employee’s salary for this period of time kept pacewith inflation. 4. John smith has 5,000 that he plan to invest in a compound interest bearing instruments. 5000 at 10 ¼% compounded annually for three years . 1.00 future value or the future value or the future value and compound interest formula. 5. A landlord wants to work only 10 more years and then retires. 380,000 in the bank. 240,000 apartment complex as an investment. 1 million between the two investments to retire on.

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