I’m featuring this post on Bagels and Blogs tomorrow! This comment has been removed by the author. This is awesome – great idea! Thanks so much yall for the kind words! This binder has truly been a lifesaver. Thanks for thinking of me Donna! What an awesome idea! We have a computer program to log all the information into, but this makes the students accountable. I’m going to use this next year with my 4th graders. Definitely doing it next year! Find me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! I tried doing the Pink Slips for no homework as recommended by Harry Wong in the First 100 Days of School, but it didn’t work for me. This, on the other hand, can’t fail! Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes we just have to look at others’ ideas for inspiration & motivation, so thanks! We use what is called “Pink Slips” They have to fill in the assignment name and why they didn’t have it to turn in on time. HAVE to have the pink slip or we don’t accept the assignment.

It is fabulous an the parents LOVE it! I really like this idea. I will be teaching 4th, so I need some new organization ideas. I will be using this. I did the yellow slips that I found on another brilliant teacher’s blog. However, they were everywhere and hard to keep track of. I love this system so much better because it is so simple! Thanks for sharing this EASY idea. I tried the pink slips and then I would forget to have copies of them or I would forget to take them up the next day. I sound like one of the students! I’m making this TODAY for next year! This is great because I will be teaching 4 different classes! I can’t wait to implement this, I think it will work perfect in my classroom! I actually have stack of “tickets” that students are to attach to work -yellow for legitimate make up work, pink for late work, and green for work they did not do. They fill out the sheets and it’s easier for me to tell how to grade – whether no points off or points per day late.

Wow. What a great idea. I have a child who has a case of the “I forgots” He missed so many assingments last year. This I will be sharing with his teacher so her and I can work together on solving the “I forgots” issue. She will be excited to see this. Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely be using this this coming year in my class. I love this idea and plan on using it. The only change I’m going to make is to somehow incorporate a spot in the notebook where they are allowed to make their homework up. I will give them a set number of days and if it is turned in, they will be able to go over to the notebook and check that they have turned it in. This will give them a sense of accomplishment. I always believe in giving second chances. I agree with GIGI in giving second chances.

At our school we have a success lunch program. Students who do not do their homework eat their lunch and work with a certified teacher to get the assignment completed. This allows the students who don’t have the support at home, didn’t understand the assignment, or just forgot to do it the opportunity to get it completed. This has been a huge success at our school, especially for those who do not have support at home (who are usually our frequent flyers). I found this idea and your blog on Pinterest! I love the idea, but I have a couple, quick implementation questions. When do your students log their missing homework? I know you said it’s before your warm up. Is it immediately when they walk in the door? Also, is there a back-logged line of kids waiting to fill it out? I often have many students not complete their homework, so I worry that they will be hanging out in line, enjoying the social time as opposed to quickly filling it out.

Do you find that this is a problem? I teach 7th grade and use small slips that they can take, fill out at their seat, and turn it in when the student turn in the HW. I would like to put it all on the same page per kid, as opposed to small slips per assignment, but I just need some clarification as to the flow. Thank you for the idea and answering my questions. I like this idea, but like Kelly T said, I have some implementation issues. I am going to use the whole page for a single child. When I check homework, I will give each student their page if they don’t have their homework. Then I can collect it and file it. Hopefully this will hold students more accountable when they see their page(s) filling up and their friends are blank. I usually make the copies on VERY bright paper, so everyone notices who did not have the homework.

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