How to Make Money Buying and Selling Cars for Profit


Want to know how to make money buying and selling cars? You may find out it isn’t as hard as you might think. Lots of people earn thousands of dollars per month with just a basic knowledge of the car market. The best part about it is you can start your business with less than a couple thousand bucks.

Flipping cars for profit requires 2 main ingredients, a place where you can purchase cars for less than market value and a medium where you can sell your cars/ trucks for market value or more. The most popular avenues include, eBay, Craigs List, classified ads, and “cherry picking” trade-ins.

Of course you have to work diligently on homework and research. Finding cars/ trucks cheap require either a desperate seller or an unknowledgeable seller. Just as you are looking for an unprepared seller, you want to be an even more prepared buyer. This means, don’t buy a car that is going to need repairs that will place you far beyond your budget.

Keeping costs in mind will allow you to become more and more successful. The lower you can keep costs, the more profit you can make in a sell. Costs include titling, taxes, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning.

Naturally, there is much more to flipping cars for profit than what is mentioned here, that’s why has created a site that gives you access to all the info you need and even allows you to connect with other people doing the same thing. Flipping cars and trucks for profit is easier with


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