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You can review a sample PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the following link: Unit 9 Sample PowerPoint. For this Assignment, you will use technology and the writing skills you have learned thus far to create a digital media presentation appropriate for sharing outside of the classroom environment. You will use the draft of your media presentation to develop a slide presentation or video that is designed to have a strong impact on the audience. Your digital media presentation is not necessarily testing your design skills, though you should certainly try to practice the design suggestions provided in the KUWC resources. More importantly, you are practicing your composition skills by combining text and images to compel your audience to recognize the importance of your argument for change. • Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, both in-text and on a References slide or in a separate Word document. You need to quote material taken directly from a source. The same standards for documenting sources apply to a presentation that apply to an essay.

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