Updated on July 12, 2018 Bill Tollefson moreMy passion is to inspire and coach people to achieve what they want to get out of life. Change The Way You Think? How do you change the way you think? The majority of the population thinks that it just happens. Rarely, do we look at the process and how the mechanism works? You are only limited to what you can envision and accomplish by what you think. What you believe, feel, perceive, imagine, or achieve is based on your thinking. To gain a good understanding you must start with the statement, “You are what you think.” This statement is a truism of life. Making positive changes to your thinking process that last over time is not easy. Everyone is programmed, positively or negatively, throughout their life starting from the day they are born. Those thought patterns are ingrained after years of practice.

Dysfunctional behavior and feelings caused by old thinking patterns result in unsatisfying relationships in the way one performs with self, career, esteem, others, and health. What is programmed into your mind affects how you think, feel, behave, or how you react to life situations. But after analyzing decades of clinical research and case studies, I have discovered there are a few simple things you can do to snap the cycle of old thinking. So let’s see what we can do to change. Do you feel you can control your thoughts? See results Think you are locked out of changing your thoughts? Here is an assignment to help you to identify and then begin to change your pattern of thinking. To change your old patterns of thinking you first have to recognize what your thought patterns are. Thought patterns are a collection of thoughts embedded in your subconscious mind. If you think about it, thought patterns are a grouping of beliefs which are filed in your mind.

To see the patterns of your thought, you have to put them down on paper. So to gain some visual structure for this assignment, lay out a piece of paper in front of you and on the left side of the paper write down these eight thought areas. Make sure there is space to write under each life area, so you can write down all the thoughts that correspond to each area. After you have filled in each life area, study all the thoughts you have written down Now that you have gone this far, answer the following question. Is your pattern of thinking positive or negative? Now that you have established what your thinking pattern is, you have to identify where the embedded belief that created your thought came from. Not all your thoughts originated from your creation. Growing up your mind accepts views from others sources all the time. Next to each thought, mark down where it originated such as; self, parents, family (sister, brother, uncle, aunt, etc.), authority figure, teacher, mentor or religious figure.

Then review your completed list and determine whether your thoughts come from self-statements or others in your life. Identify whether your thoughts are beneficial and which are destructive. Set the aforementioned paper aside and get a new piece of paper. On the new piece of paper write down the same 8 life areas in a column on the left side of the paper. Then this time create new specific positive thoughts that you want in each life area. Know that vague and general thoughts are a formula for doom. When your mind is given vague and general statements, it does not understand. Your mind will get confused, become paralyzed, not accept the new thoughts and in return go back to the old familiar patterns. So, be specific in what you want. How do I get my brain to accept my new thoughts? Embedding your new thought list is accomplished through action, not willpower.

This action is done through focused practice. Take your new create a list of thoughts, call now you want to embed into your subconscious (call the new list of positive thoughts – Positive Life Affirmations or PLA). Examples of a few possible powerful PLAs you can put on your list are – I am happy, I am healthy, I am prosperous, I am whole and I am productive – to name a few. Add statements of positiveness you would like to be front and center in your conscious stream of thoughts. Examples of a few possible powerful positive PLAs you can put on your list are – I am happy, I am healthy, I am prosperous, I am whole and I am productive – to name a few. Add statements of positiveness you would like to be front and center in your conscious stream of thoughts. Then set up a daily schedule on your calendar. Commit to several times a day (morning, afternoon, after dinner or before bedtime) to say these PLAs for thirty (30) days straight.

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