Have you ever thought about what it takes to attract ideal clients and customers who happily buy when youre not in front of them? Today, Id like to share some best practices with you that I use and that my clients now use to write marketing copy that sells. Copy is infinitely important in your business. Because it clones and replaces you in the sales process. Its a way for you to multiply your reach without extra effort. And it touches EVERY single part of your business – your ezine, your website, your sales pages, your mailing campaigns, your social media, your video – EVERYTHING. You want to be able to write AMAZING and COMPELLING copy. It is a tool you can use that allows you to sell with authenticity, integrity and love. Now you might be saying right now – did I hear her correctly? Did she say love? Heres the deal. In your heart, you want to take what you do in your business and get it out there in a really BIG way. Awesome, authentic copy is one way you can take your message to the masses.

Marketing copy is the vehicle. When done well – with love – copy is a divine tool that allows you to be of service to others. One of the biggest compliments a prospect can give me is to say, “When I read your email I felt like you were talking directly to me. You articulated exactly what I am feeling, exactly what I wanted and you showed me exactly how you were going to give it to me. And you were so real and so authentic. The best news is that its not that difficult to be able to write copy that gets your prospects to respond in this way. In todays strategy video, Id like to walk you through my first 4 strategies for writing authentic copy that sells. Youll see that once youre able to sink into your heart a little bit, the process is actually quite magical. 1. Set the Intention. Everything is energy – including marketing copy. So, I want you to get in a place of LOVING that person who you are writing to before you put pen to paper or even think about tapping away on your keyboard.

Get into a good space first – in whatever way that works for you. For me, that means taking some time to reflect and light my favorite scented candle in a calm and peaceful setting so that I can tune in to my inner guidance and hear what it has to say. You want to make sure you are aligned with the intention of serving, not taking. Come from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Desperation (“Ive just gotta make the sale”) repels abundance so focus instead on faith and service. 2. Know who youre writing to. Choose your muse. You want to write to one particular person – think of your ideal client who really ‘gets you and buys everything you offer, or a longtime client you would want to clone. Thats the person who you need to write to. Make your reader feel that youre only talking to him or her – and only him or her. And be sure to use your authentic voice. 3. Clearly define your objective.

What is it that you want your reader to do after reading your copy? Are you trying to make a sale, have him or her fill out the boxes on your website, call you? You need to know the exact action you want your reader to take. 4. Write from the heart. This may not come naturally to you – at first. But in reality, this is the most natural thing that we can do in our business because all you have to do is BE YOURSELF. You want to connect with your reader – heart to heart. Make that person feel valued and important. Use empathy wherever possible. Be compassionate. Be reassuring. Acknowledge their pain. Treat them as if you would treat a friend. Take a stand for your reader and their success. Talk to them about where they are now, where they want to be, whats possible for them and how you can help them get there. Be vulnerable if its appropriate, show your passion and for goodness sake, dont be boring! Your Assignment for this week is to give these first 4 strategies a try.

When you have young children, it is very important that you teach them how to clean instead of assuming they know how to do it. It is also important that you teach them at an early age and be consistent in the level of cleanliness you require. It isn’t fair to clean up their room when they are children, and then expect them to know how to clean up their own rooms as they become teenagers. They don’t know how and don’t feel like it is their job to clean your house. The best way to encourage someone to clean is not by saying anything. Simply lead by example. By seeing how nice the space is when it is clean, and how easy it is to find things when everything has been put away, they might be motivated to keep it clean or clean up some other space. Yes, I understand that sometimes it feels like they are out to just fill up the space you just emptied, but there is something about a clean space that makes you want to extend the cleanliness.

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