How to write college essay


College! Well it’s a big step; it’s an important phase of your academic life. Moreover now you will enter a world of responsibility. To get an admission in a college of your dream you have to search, apply and work hard to impress your college officials in order to get enrolled. Once you have selected your college now you have to fill the admission form. The admission is lengthy and it becomes hard when you are asked to attach your personal statement, this personal statement is known as College essay.

College essay is things where you are suppose to write about you. It’s not a biography it’s not a bio data. It’s about your creativity, uniqueness and personality. Once you fill out your forms you’ll mention your grades and activities but these things alone can’t help you here your college essay will help you out tremendously. The essay is for showing you learning abilities and your growing abilities thus you need to focus on writing all the right stuff and eliminate all jabber. College essay is not easy; you need to know how to write it appropriately in order to make an impact on your reader. On the contrary you need to follow these points:

  1. Start your work with brainstorming. Make points which will help your reader to know about your strengths.
  2. Create an outline, it is very important to make your rough draft and then write according to it.
  3. It is very necessary to write with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Create your essay in a way that it looks complete.
  4. For your college essay it very important to focus on your personal achievements and skills. Write about in a way that you end up impressing your reader.
  5. Write it with creativity and smart humor. It is very important to write honestly. Don’t add nay fake jabber otherwise it will put a bad impression.

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