How to Write For Money Online – Choose What You’ll Write


Want to write for money online? Writers are in huge demand, so just about anyone who can put together a sentence and paragraph can be paid for their writing.

Choose What You Want to Write

There are two primary ways to get paid – by writing for others, and by writing for yourself. Of course, you can combine the two, but when you first start out chances are that you will write for others so that you can get some cash.

You choose what you want to write. You can write: articles, reviews, advertising, news reports, blog posts, ebooks, complete Web sites… there’s no limit to what you can write.

When You’re Starting out: Get Paid to Write for Others

Every business of any size – and many small businesses too – needs words. Finding those businesses is easy. Just go to any of the out-sourcing sites, and bid on projects. Write the projects you win, and ask your buyers for testimonials.

Those testimonials are vital: once you’ve gained some testimonials, you can make more money than you ever could on the out-sourcing sites by creating your own Web site, and selling your services there, directly to buyers who approach you.

When You Have Some Experience: Get Paid to Write for Yourself

Once you have some experience in writing for others, you can write for yourself. You’ll make money from your writing in similar ways to the people who hired you to write. You can write and sell articles, ebooks, entire Web sites… and much more.

One of the best ways to make money writing for yourself is to write ebooks. Ebooks on many topics are in demand, because people go online looking for information. If you can provide that information in an eBook you’ll be paid for it; your ebooks will go on selling for years.

Writing for money online is largely a matter of experience. You will earn as you learn. Please don’t be disappointed if you make just a little money when you start out. The more you know, the more you can earn. As you gain experience, your online writing income will increase. Many writers make six figure incomes online, and they started just as you’re starting out, by writing word by word, and payment by payment.

Enjoy your writing – there’s never been a better time to be a writer. You can write for money online – just get started.


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