Updated on January 17, 2018 HARRIS moreContact Author What is Letter of recommendation? Letter of recommendation is a formal document in which the writer analyzes the capabilities, abilities and characteristics of the person being suggested in terms of that person’s ability to perform a particular function or task. Recommendation letter are almost always specifically asked for to be written about someone, and are therefore resolved to a particular requester. When an applicant is applying for a job, he may need a recommendation to support his application. If an interviewee gets the job offer, he may need to provide a recommendation letter before the agreement can be finalized. A student applying for an educational course often needs a recommendation letter to back up his application. A student applying for financial help will often need to provide recommendation letters. Companies may use recommendation letters as recommendations to their reliability and capability to bring out a job well. Tenants may need to show their landlords a recommendation letter, testifying to their good financial position.

If you are requested to write a recommendation letter for a job applicant, a student or an organization, consider whether you can properly do so. It is a huge responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Before you accept to write, make sure you clearly know for what the letter will be used for who will be reading it. Also, always make sure what kind of information is expected from you. If you think that you cannot properly covey the necessary details, then go for signing the letter drafted by individual who is requesting the recommendation. This practice is very commonly used and often performs well for both events. However, before you sign the letter drafted by someone else, make sure you read it first and the letter goes with your true opinion. Also, always keep a copy of the document for the record. How to write a recommendation letter? Letter recommendation is a formal document and should follow the same general guidelines and rules that of a formal document.

Write your address and date on the extreme right —spelled out. Under that, on the extreme left, mention the recipient’s name and address. Start the letter with a formal business greeting. Start with a brief reasoning of your recommendation, how so you know each other, and explain how well you know the person you are recommending. Mention your own credetionals, as well. If you are the head of the department then your recommendation is considered more impactful then if you are peer of the applicant. Michael’s work has always been outstanding; in fact he is one of the most talented individual that I have worked with in the last 5 years at XYZ organization. State your recommendation clearly. Being short and direct would make your recommendation look more valid to recipient, and will make your recommendation more clear and effective. For example, don’t say, “Kate is surely well qualified for your organization and will be an excellent addition to your team.” This sounds like a form letter, which will perform against the applicant. Don’t be too precise. Add a punchy line to each paragraph; effective statement of the candidate’s features or personality.

Because of all these qualities, I think Eileen will create an excellent addition to your group. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me on the mentioned address”. If you’re not sure that you can write a good and effective recommendation or if your recommendation letter is very important for the applicant’s application then ask for help from a reliable co-worker who may also know the applicant. Your image and reputation might badly affect if you recommend a wrong person so always go for feedback first before recommending the person to someone else. I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Sharon West man for your program .I know Sharon from the last four years. She came to my office four year back as an intern. It was Sharon West man’s passion, good verbal skills and professionalism that impressed me and I hired her as a client support rep within JRW Inc.’s contact middle four years back. During the two years she worked under me (I have since shifted on to a different department), she consistently showed all these qualities confirmed and I heartily suggest her for your program.

Sharon is efficient, devoted and always ready to work and accept challenges. I have always requested her to guide new workers in the contact middle. Sharon multitasks successfully and is able to handle heavy workloads and yet delivering the work on time. Sharon’s leadership quality, ability to work in a team, bringing in new ideas, working with little guidance and dedication and commitment towards client were her biggest strengths. Sharon was of great value for my organization. I consistently received praise from clients for Sharon’s never ending support, professionalism, reliability, and commitment. Organized and persistent, Sharon quickly discovered technology systems and software that were different to her when she first started with JRW, and she also joined optionally available professional-development workshops arranged by the the company. She is seeking an associates level in business through night sessions at ABC Group College. Sharon is a persistent, top-performing client support expert. She has my strong recommendations, and I am happy to provide more information if you require further details. Feel free to contact on the mentioned address.

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